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We Are Not in Control

The past week has been extraordinary, visiting widespread disruptions not seen since the close of the Second World War. With every single Australian being affected by the outbreak in some measure, coronavirus has shattered the post-war consensus that we can assuredly control our own lives. In a certain sense, the period from 1945 to 2020… Continue reading We Are Not in Control

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A Wisdom Beyond Physical Facts

In the Conservative Mind, Russell Kirk has a chapter on two prominent 19th century British conservatives: Benjamin Disraeli and John Newman. Drawing upon their works, that questioned if knowledge could be wholly obtained through scientific means, Kirk closes by exhorting conservatives to embrace a “wisdom beyond physical facts which supplants doubt by assent.” In a… Continue reading A Wisdom Beyond Physical Facts

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Why Young People Are Turning Away From God

In contemporary times, Christianity seems locked in an intractable decline–measured by number of adherents and overall influence on Australian society. This trend is markedly observed among young people: whereas only 13.7 % of septuagenarians report no religious affiliation; a significant 38.3 % of millennials identify as irreligious. And the shift towards secularism is only set… Continue reading Why Young People Are Turning Away From God

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The Conservative Retreat From Abortion

On August 8, the bill to decriminalise abortion in NSW passed the lower house. With this bill decided a whopping 59 to 31 votes in favour, it looks set to pass the upper house when the final vote occurs in mid-September. Upon this, abortion in NSW would change from a crime carrying a maximum penalty… Continue reading The Conservative Retreat From Abortion

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Where There is No Substitute For Faith

No matter how far one subsumes themselves in modern pleasures or goal-oriented pursuits, an all-enduring truth remains. That is, there exists no substitute for faith, and the more we neglect this actuality through constantly seeking to “live in the moment”, the starker it grows. Before proceeding, I’ll clearly preface this post with the following: I… Continue reading Where There is No Substitute For Faith

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When Christianity goes rogue

Christianity can be helpful when it ensures civilisation is tied to tradition, as well as human life, rather than secular hedonism, materialism and nihilism. But when the Church warps Christian teachings by presenting Jesus as a refugee, we get into dangerous territory. Because ultimately, this narrative gives globalists a moral blank check to inundate the… Continue reading When Christianity goes rogue

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Will Christianity Perish in Its Birthplace?

Pat Buchanan, April 13, 2017: “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? (My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?)” Those are among Jesus’ last words on the Cross that first Good Friday. It was a cry of agony, but not despair. The dying Christ, to rise again in three days, was repeating the first words of… Continue reading Will Christianity Perish in Its Birthplace?

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The role of faith

Yesterday, I attended a funeral service, that placed a heavy emphasis on traditionally catholic principles. While not militantly atheist, or especially religious, and as somewhat of an outsider to catholic doctrine, I was particularly taken aback by comforting aspects that faith brought to the occasion. Yes, there were tears, there were expression of loss and… Continue reading The role of faith

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Implications of a decline in Christian values

I am a young person, and my religious connections developed as such. Most young people in Australia are at least agnostic/atheist, or not truly engaged with the fundamentals of their faith, which probably reflected my own religious views.  I consider myself to be agnostic, and from what I perceive to be from a rationally informed… Continue reading Implications of a decline in Christian values