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As the ‘Aussie Nationalist’, I am the sole content creator of this website.

On the 13th of October 2015, I launched what then the Aussie Conservative Blog. Historically this blog focused on Islam, the Trump candidacy and typically anti-Leftist social issues. But in late 2017, I shifted more focus to race realism, immigration, nationalism and identity, to the point that I would broadly identify as an ethnonationalist, identitarian and traditionalist.

I consider Donald Trump, Dr. Frank Salter, Geert Wilders, Oz Conservative, Greg Johnson, Faith Goldy, Nick Fuentes, Jared Taylor and Pat Buchanan as core influences in directing my political and social views.

This blog consists of personally written posts, reposted content, and a combination of both. I endeavour this site to be a permanent platform providing information and Right-wing analysis on nationalist issues, where posts are clearly categorised and easily accessible. If you seek out the more popular and significant posts that I’ve written, select the “Aussie Nationalist Landmark Posts” category.

If you wish to find my posts through the wordpress reader, you can use the ‘Aussie Conservative’ or ‘Aussie Nationalist’ tag. Otherwise, you can find my work through searching up https://aussienationalist.blog.

Should any of you seek to contact or interact with me though a different platform, see: