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My blogging name is Ethan Sinclair and I am a 22-year-old Australian blogger. Under my ‘Aussie Nationalist’ profile, I am the sole author and CEO of this website.

On the 13th of October 2015, I launched what was then the Aussie Conservative Blog, and have since moved to cover a broad range of topics.

This blog historically focused on exposing the Islamist ideology, globalism, the Regressive Left, and supporting the Trump candidacy/ Presidency.

But I have also discussed race, immigration, nationalism and varying persuasions of identity politics, to the point that I would broadly describe myself as a traditional nationalist.

Initial influences towards my work included Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen, Douglas Murray, Bjorn Lomborg, Pauline Hanson, Robert Spencer, Geert Wilders and of course, Patrick J. Buchanan.

But more recently, the ideas of Faith Goldy, Bre Fauchex, Tara Mccarthy and Jared Taylor have convinced me that ethnonationalism, whether pursued by existing nation states or through a new post American/ European order, is the desirable path forward.

If you wish to find my posts through the wordpress reader, always search for the ‘Aussie Conservative’ tag. Otherwise, you can obviously find my work through searching up https://aussienonservative.blog/.

This blog consists of posts personally written, reposted content, and a combination of both. However, if you seek the more popular/ significant posts that I have developed, select the “Aussie Conservative Political Philosophy/ Landmark Posts” category.

Should any of you seek to contact or interact with me though a different platform, see: