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As the ‘Aussie Nationalist’, I am the founder and sole content creator of this site.

On the 13th of October 2015, I launched the then Aussie Conservative Blog. During this time, I focused on Islam, the Trump candidacy and anti-SJW issues. But from late-2017, attention shifted towards immigration, race, nationalism, identity and conservative issues. These days, I consider myself an identitarian, nationalist and paleoconservative.

In my intellectual development, Donald Trump, Dr. Frank Salter, Geert Wilders, Oz Conservative, Greg Johnson, Nick Fuentes, Jared Taylor and Pat Buchanan have all been key influences.

This site consists of personally written posts, reposted content, and a combination of both. Many categories delineate this content to provide for easy access. The ‘Aussie Nationalist Landmark Posts’ category contains my most significant posts.

If you are using the wordpress reader, you can use the ‘Aussie Nationalist’ tag to find my work.

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