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Matt Walsh’s new documentary

To begin, a little background. Matt Walsh is an American political as well as social commentator from the Daily Wire, an ostensibly right-wing news and opinion outlet. Between YouTube and Twitter, Walsh boasts more two million followers. Walsh can, in all objectivity, be described as ‘alt-lite’. That is to say, on race, cultural, and religious… Continue reading Matt Walsh’s new documentary

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The Sexual Revolution Devours its Children

By Edward Feser, December 27, 2018: In two recent posts, we looked at philosopher Alex Byrne’s criticisms of claims made by some transgender activists to the effect that sex is not binary and that it is socially constructed.  Byrne is by no means the only philosopher alarmed at the increasingly bizarre claims being made by such activists –… Continue reading The Sexual Revolution Devours its Children


Making Sense of Transgenderism

National Review, by Celina Durgan, May 20, 2016: Public policy relating to transgender people is the issue of the moment. North Carolina’s “bathroom law” prompted Target to let transgender customers use their preferred bathroom. Now, the Obama administration has issued a transgender edict, the implications of which are still emerging. But though these latest policies… Continue reading Making Sense of Transgenderism


An epidemic of transgender children is Safe Schools’ legacy

Herald Sun, by Miranda Devine, April 15, 2017: Kudos to Rob Stokes, the only education minister in the nation honourable enough to tackle the sexual indoctrination program loathed by most parents and defended to the death by fanatical education bureaucrats. “Bullying is a problem, whether you’re being bullied because you’re struggling with your sexuality or… Continue reading An epidemic of transgender children is Safe Schools’ legacy


This Week In Feminism: If You’re Not Bisexual, You’re Transphobic!

This is beyond the pale of anything I thought to be previously arguable. Daily Wire, by Amanda Prestigiacomo, March 22, 2017: According to Everyday Feminism’s transgender feminist Riley J. Dennis, if you have a “genital preference” and are not sexually attracted to both a penis and vagina, you are transphobic; or, as he interchangeably uses, “cissexist.” In a video… Continue reading This Week In Feminism: If You’re Not Bisexual, You’re Transphobic!