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The Regressive Left at its worst

Though masquerading under a banner of equality, the Regressive Left scarcely hides its true animosities towards tolerance of any kind; threatening dissenters with verbal abuse, and violently responding to those deemed most offensive. But this movement, whose origins in spite of modern depravities trace back to genuine civil rights and union reformers, has grown so regressive, arrogant and certain… Continue reading The Regressive Left at its worst


The Left wing epitomized

Going online this morning brought to my attention some especially unpleasant news. Reports have revealed that the office of Cory Benardi, the conservative Liberal senator, has been trashed and vandalized by student protesters, who promised to stop ‘Australia’s Trump’. The protesters, whom Benardi described as ‘lefty totalitarians’, also intimidated staff, and scrawled slogans all over the walls of the… Continue reading The Left wing epitomized