Islam in America · Islamic apologism and the persecution of dissenters

The unholy alliance between the Left and Islam

We know already about how the mainstream left, seeks to denigrate all those who raise questions of the Islamist ideology. But now, even genuine, moderate reformers, such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Maajid Nawaz, have been termed ‘anti- Muslim extremists’. So long as this predicament of laying siege to those who dare criticize Islam continues,… Continue reading The unholy alliance between the Left and Islam


The tricks of the left

As I’ve discussed previously , those that differ in their opinions, beliefs and values to the left, face routine demands to show more ‘tolerance’. And if these people refuse, the name-  calling, the slurs, and the insults begin. How ironic, that political elements that commonly purport to be the more accepting, tolerant and diverse faction,… Continue reading The tricks of the left

Islam in Australia

More on Waleed Aly

I’ve already decried the loathsome selection of the surpassingly arrogant, obnoxious Waleed Aly for the Gold Logie, and his subsequent attainment of this prize. Beyond this foolish decision, in his victory speech, Aly showed exactly why he represents the very epitome of regressive, loony- left thinking. Picture yourself for a moment, in Aly’s shoes. You’d think you’d… Continue reading More on Waleed Aly