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Donald Trump and Eminem

Similarities between the early 2000’s Eminem, and the 2016/17 Donald Trump, are undeniable. The rebellious, anti- establishment, decidedly provocative nature of both figures certainly drew me in, as I supported Donald Trump’s run for President, and I enjoy Eminem’s older music. Sure differences between the two are obvious, but Eminem and Donald Trump’s success was… Continue reading Donald Trump and Eminem

Islamic apologism and the persecution of dissenters

‘Islamist,’ ‘Terrorist’ Now Forbidden Words

Clarion Project, by Meira Svirsky, July 12, 2017: Doublespeak is language that deliberately distorts or even reverses the meaning of words. For example, when critics of radical Islam expose this extremism for what is it, their critics call them “Islamophobes;” when those who call themselves “social justice warriors” campaigning for tolerance exhibit just the opposite… Continue reading ‘Islamist,’ ‘Terrorist’ Now Forbidden Words

The Leftist war on Western traditions

Europe: Making Itself into the New Afghanistan?

Gatestone Institute, by Giulio Meotti, April 21, 2017: Maastricht, in the Netherlands, is the picturesque city that gave its name to the famous treaty signed in 1992 by the twelve nations of the European Community at the time, and which paved the way for the foundation of today’s European Union and the single currency, the… Continue reading Europe: Making Itself into the New Afghanistan?

Anti-White sentiment

Open anti- white sentiment

In this era of tolerance, the only group that can be acceptably be ridiculed, criticized and mocked based on racial origins, are white people. Routinely, the customs and norms of white people are openly derided in public spheres, while minorities remain sacred cows. Any criticism of minority ethnic groups is instantly regarded as racist, while the… Continue reading Open anti- white sentiment

Donald Trump/ Hillary Clinton

The problem of oversensitive Trump supporters

Much of what made Donald Trump’s campaign so great were his promises to repudiate political correctness and the hypersensitivities of the modern generation. The hysterical reaction from generation snowflake in response to his victory, is one I will cherish for years to come. Given we all laugh when the Social Justice Warrior’s frenzied outcries come to… Continue reading The problem of oversensitive Trump supporters