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Bishop to cut trip short amid Libs drama

Julie Bishop cutting short a long planned trip to the Philippines, seems to suggest something dramatic is mounting within the Liberal Party. For as Malcolm Turnbull appears unable to control his backbenchers over the proposed gay marriage plebiscite, it therefore seems the Prime Minister has lost control over the Liberal partyroom. While a potential challenge… Continue reading Bishop to cut trip short amid Libs drama

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The gay marriage plebiscite

Yesterday Malcolm Turnbull introduced┬álegislation for the proposed same- sex marriage plebiscite. This legislative instigation marked a year since the Liberal government announced its policy of conferring the question of gay marriage to a public vote (plebiscite). Both 1 year ago and currently, the plebiscite appears to be the best possible outcome in┬áconsidering both the proponents… Continue reading The gay marriage plebiscite