Scott Morrison · The 2019 Election

The 2019 Election: A White Pill?

Last night bore witness to another upset election result, as Scott Morrison and his LNP coalition returned to government for a further 3 years.  Before this election I encouraged my followers against voting Liberal, given the party’s profound shortcomings. Yet I enjoyed watching last night’s result–particularly once Penny Wong and Tanya Plibersek began to sour.… Continue reading The 2019 Election: A White Pill?

Australian Politics · The Necessary Political Instinct

Why I support Peter Dutton

Given the impending doom mounting over Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership and the damaging, potentially fatal result of yesterday’s leadership ballot, Peter Dutton may be our next Prime Minister. As such, I’d like to explain why I support Dutton’s bid for Australia’s top job, and what makes him different from other senior liberals. Dutton has sensibly argued… Continue reading Why I support Peter Dutton


Some timely refugee logic

Immigration minister Peter Dutton, has recently come under fire for his remarks regarding refugees, after he stated that any increase in humanitarian intake would lead to further ‘illiterate and innumerate’ people residing Australia. Dutton also suggested that refugees would likely ‘languish in unemployment queues and on Medicare’. Predictably, Dutton has been assailed by the left, with opposition leader Bill Shorten condemning the… Continue reading Some timely refugee logic