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Chinese People Hoarding Australian Supplies

Twitter was earlier replete with rumours that Chinese people are assisting the Chinese Communist Party, through hoarding Australian supermarket goods in order to send them to China. Videos have since emerged which substantiate these claims: We should not be shocked to see an obvious fifth column behave this way during a crisis for their ancestral… Continue reading Chinese People Hoarding Australian Supplies

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Is Open Borders Dead?

In a recent segment of The McLaughlin Group, Pat Buchanan declared: Open borders is dead in Europe, it’s going to be dead in the U.S. You’re going to see nationalism rising, transnationalism receding… All these powerful movements that had been up against transnationalism are going to begin to prevail. In avowing that coronavirus will upend… Continue reading Is Open Borders Dead?

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Why Liberalism is Insufficient

In countering critics of liberalism, the establishment left and right tend to mirror each other. This shared defence ostensibly goes along the following lines: Liberalism may have caused significant social, economic and cultural disruption. But these changes must remain impeded lest we irrationally resist the inevitable arc of history. Whatever costs–imposed on the family, religion,… Continue reading Why Liberalism is Insufficient

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My Lessons From Berlin

Four years have passed since I travelled to Europe; the length of a presidential term in which much can change. Indeed, much has changed in my own political views–along with many on the dissident right. Let us take a brief trip down memory lane, into the political environment of December 2015. Tony Abbott had been… Continue reading My Lessons From Berlin

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Why Society>Economics

Since Tucker Carlson’s January 3 monologue, an old clash has re-emerged between free market-oriented conservatives, and traditional conservatives who favour (where necessary), more government intervention in economic affairs. In essence, this intra-conservative dispute hinges on whether national interests should supersede economic dogma, when market forces harm the nation. The battle lines have thus been drawn:… Continue reading Why Society>Economics

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The Basis for Group Pride

Last month, I came across a hackneyed, but common critique that pertains to group pride. According to Will Menaker (a Left-leaning podcaster), Molyneux and everyone else obsessed with IQ/Western Culture is just a giant participation trophy program for people who think that by accident of their birth they’ve done something noteworthy and really want credit… Continue reading The Basis for Group Pride

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Does Nationalism Cause War?

Although I have previously outlined the positive racial, civilisational, political and cultural duties to practice nationalism, there is a separate critique often made in opposition. This is the view that nationalism causes war, which is ceaselessly trumpeted by our cultural, political and business elites. French President Emmanuel Macron conveyed this much in his speech on… Continue reading Does Nationalism Cause War?

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It’s Not OK to be White

Following up on recent twitter activities, my final reflections on the fracas over Pauline Hanson’s failed “It’s OK to be White” motion, are as follows. While more powerful in institutional, political, cultural and economic measures; the Left is as ill-conceived as ever. Painfully lacking in self-reflection, Leftist Australian media screeching over “It’s OK to be… Continue reading It’s Not OK to be White

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In Defense of Prejudice

Greg Johnson wrote a fantastic piece in 2015 on why group judgements are necessary in certain circumstances. In addition to his analysis, I would note the collective rights of peoples far prevail over the rights of foreign individuals. As such, generalisations over group traits should be made and acted upon. Counter Currents, by Greg Johnson,… Continue reading In Defense of Prejudice

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John Howard’s Inadequate Opposition to Multiculturalism

While ‘punching right’ should conventionally be avoided, in establishing an authentically nationalist Australian movement, we must unpack John Howard’s past critiques of multiculturalism, and explain its shortcomings. As Australia’s longest serving Prime Minister since Sir Robert Menzies, John Howard is worshipped by many on the Australian Right. Among other things, many have applauded Howard’s objection… Continue reading John Howard’s Inadequate Opposition to Multiculturalism

Ethnonationalism vs Civic Nationalism

The Trouble With Civic Nationalism

One decade ago, Oz Conservative made 2 excellent points about the flaws of civic nationalism that deserve revisiting. The first is that civic nationalism tends to be convoluted, vague, and ultimately not as compelling to people as a coherent ethnic identity. Second, civic nationalism necessarily discriminates in favour of those who are citizens, against those… Continue reading The Trouble With Civic Nationalism

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The Genetic Basis of Racial Tribalism

In previous posts, I’ve explained that race is foundational to both individual and group identity. This is what makes civic nationalism problematic: when different groups naturally express their own racial identities, they engage in all-encompassing struggles for power and resources. Nevertheless, this reality is constantly downplayed by various apologies for multi-racialism. Such claims include; Mass… Continue reading The Genetic Basis of Racial Tribalism

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Countering the misplaced altruism behind mass migration

If recent history is anything of a lesson, the altruistic West is inherently susceptible to emotional, moralistic arguments made on immigration. It took a single drowned Syrian child for Europe to open its borders up to millions of fighting age Muslims, many of whom responded to European hospitality with mass rape, terrorism and the implementation… Continue reading Countering the misplaced altruism behind mass migration

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The great Leftist contradiction

Many across the broad dissident Right routinely point to the great contradiction underlying Leftist thought: that identity, culture, and history profoundly matter to people of colour, however, when even the slightest of comparable feelings are expressed for Europeans, the latter are attacked as being bigoted, racist, and engaging in behaviour from which genocide will inevitably… Continue reading The great Leftist contradiction