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What drives historical change

It goes without saying that even a book of 600 pages could not encapsulate the vast array of seen and unseen causes driving historical change, much less a single blog post. Yet there exists a leading principle, a constant, through which many modern developments are implemented. For want of a better term, this principle could… Continue reading What drives historical change

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An Untenable Arrangement

There is an Asian who frequents my gym, who I have somewhat amicable relations with. Yesterday after half-jokingly deriding him for the role of Chinese food in the Coronavirus epidemic, came a revealing response. He dismissed my criticism, praising food recently enjoyed in Singapore during the *Chinese New Year* celebrations. From this person and most… Continue reading An Untenable Arrangement

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Why Fraser Anning is Right

Earlier today, a cacophony of thoughtless invectives were again directed at Fraser Anning–this time for his controversial press release on the Christchurch shooting. Since taken down from Twitter, the release read: Speaking following reports of multiple shootings at two Mosques in New Zealand earlier today, Senator Fraser Anning has responded with strong condemnation.  “I am… Continue reading Why Fraser Anning is Right

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Are Walls Immoral?

“The fact is a wall is an immorality. It’s not who we are as a nation.” Said Nancy Pelosi, the newly elected speaker of the US House of Representatives, regarding President Trump’s renewed efforts to fund a wall on America’s Southern border. Putting aside Pelosi’s vested electoral interests in wilfully sabotaging President Trump’s agenda, and… Continue reading Are Walls Immoral?

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Why Multi-Racialism Causes Violence

The dissident Right has consistently espoused the connection between multiracialism and societal conflict; while explaining little in the way of causation. It thus seems worthy to outline precisely why multiracialism causes violence, and consider relevant examples. Taken together, there appears to be 3 core reasons that multi-racialism engenders violence. First, when radically different groups inhabit… Continue reading Why Multi-Racialism Causes Violence

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The Unpardonable Heresy of Tucker Carlson

By Patrick J. Buchanan, September 13, 2018: Our diversity is our greatest strength. After playing clips of Democratic politicians reciting that truth of modern liberalism, Tucker Carlson asked, “How, precisely, is diversity our strength? Since you’ve made this our new national motto, please be specific.” Reaction to Carlson’s question, with some declaring him a racist… Continue reading The Unpardonable Heresy of Tucker Carlson

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Some Questions for the Multiculturalist Establishment

Yesterday Fraser Anning delivered his maiden Senate speech, which has since been condemned across the political spectrum. Anning expressed support for the past White Australia policy, and as critics deliberately misconstrued his proposed ‘final solution’ for immigration, the speech was equated with Nazism. Never mind that those who actually fought against Nazism, virtually all agreed… Continue reading Some Questions for the Multiculturalist Establishment

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John Howard’s Inadequate Opposition to Multiculturalism

While ‘punching right’ should conventionally be avoided, in establishing an authentically nationalist Australian movement, we must unpack John Howard’s past critiques of multiculturalism, and explain its shortcomings. As Australia’s longest serving Prime Minister since Sir Robert Menzies, John Howard is worshipped by many on the Australian Right. Among other things, many have applauded Howard’s objection… Continue reading John Howard’s Inadequate Opposition to Multiculturalism

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The myth of Australia’s ‘non discriminatory’ immigration system

In maintaining their relevance, our political oligarchs commonly resort to appealing rhetoric in enhancing enthusiasm and tribalism amongst their respective camps. But despite Liberal/ Labor attempts to differentiate themselves from one another, Australia’s commitment to maintain a ‘non discriminatory’ immigration policy forever remains. However, using this ‘non discriminatory’ notion to base immigration policy is unfeasible,… Continue reading The myth of Australia’s ‘non discriminatory’ immigration system

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Why diversity is not a ‘strength’

Contrary to the Leftist mantra: ‘diversity is our strength,’ racial diversity has proven to be a consistent source of weakness, chaos and conflict. As wonderfully summarised by Black Pidgeon Speaks, the overwhelming body of research demonstrates racial diversity leads to decreased civic trust and enhanced community tension. And while mostly homogenous societies can accept small… Continue reading Why diversity is not a ‘strength’

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Why the West is wrong on nationalism

Whenever nationalist issues of immigration, identity, pride, culture and race emerge across the Western world, we excessively consider the perspectives of immigrants and outsiders over our own. While these preferences are misplaced, that isn’t to suggest a tunnel- visioned, Eurocentric view that inflicts endless suffering upon third worlders is desirable. To the contrary, Western interventions… Continue reading Why the West is wrong on nationalism

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Swedish Government to Ban Websites that List Ethnic Origin of Criminal Suspects

If Sweden, or other nations truly believed in multiculturalism and that diversity is a ‘strength,’ it would willingly discuss the facts. Instead, the government dodges, manipulates, and even bans those who dare mention the factually clear: that many immigrants bring along undesirable traits prevalent in the third world, and this is manifested in higher crime rates.… Continue reading Swedish Government to Ban Websites that List Ethnic Origin of Criminal Suspects

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Multiculturalism= Ethnocide

As explained by George Hutcheson, ‘multiculturalism’ in the sense that nations should be impartial to all peoples and cultures, is not possible. As at present, no land can ever be fully culturally neutral, and the prevalence of some cultural/ ethnic/ religious groups will always come at the expense of less significant groups. We can hypothesise about what this expense… Continue reading Multiculturalism= Ethnocide

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The cultural jihad and Britain’s dhimitude

We can talk about Islam ad nauseum, but for some, words aren’t enough. Criticism of Islam often draws denial, dismissal, and even mockery from cultural elites, as occurred in February when President Trump alluded to the Islamic- related problems engulfing Sweden. But while attacking the messenger is easier than attacking the problem itself, when the thuggery,… Continue reading The cultural jihad and Britain’s dhimitude

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“Immigrants do jobs that Australians won’t”

The case that high immigration=better economic outcomes, is pushed by free market advocates who tell us globalism is destiny. But when real scrutiny is applied, this hypothesis quickly crumbles. The idea that “immigrants do jobs that Australian’s won’t,” is not only demeaning to our impoverished native born, but in a time where political alliances are… Continue reading “Immigrants do jobs that Australians won’t”