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What drives historical change

It goes without saying that even a book of 600 pages could not encapsulate the vast array of seen and unseen causes driving historical change, much less a single blog post. Yet there exists a leading principle, a constant, through which many modern developments are implemented. For want of a better term, this principle could… Continue reading What drives historical change

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Climate Change: An Anti-White Guise of the Oligarchs

Bernie Sanders recently declared that as US President he would promote overseas population control, through abortion and contraception, to combat ‘climate change’. Needless to say, his comments yielded some crucial takeaways. Some have been expressed in short on Right-wing Twitter; others will be elucidated here. Large segments of the modern Left believe ‘climate change’ threatens… Continue reading Climate Change: An Anti-White Guise of the Oligarchs

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The myth of Australia’s ‘non discriminatory’ immigration system

In maintaining their relevance, our political oligarchs commonly resort to appealing rhetoric in enhancing enthusiasm and tribalism amongst their respective camps. But despite Liberal/ Labor attempts to differentiate themselves from one another, Australia’s commitment to maintain a ‘non discriminatory’ immigration policy forever remains. However, using this ‘non discriminatory’ notion to base immigration policy is unfeasible,… Continue reading The myth of Australia’s ‘non discriminatory’ immigration system