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The Sexes: Complementary, Not “Equal”

In March, Roger Devlin published a wonderful piece on of sex differences, that should serve as a lynchpin for authentically traditionalist perspectives. Key points made by Devlin include: The Adaptive Reasons for Refusing Female Combatants: Devlin starts by elucudiating the most important difference between men and women–their contrasting biological value. In Devlin’s words, “the female… Continue reading The Sexes: Complementary, Not “Equal”

Feminism/ Male rights

The demise of masculinity

Increasingly, the males of 2016 find themselves in a confused, bewildered state. Changed gender relations have improved much, but there have been plenty of negative consequences also. “I Feel Sorry For Real Men In The Millennial Generation”, Right Wing News, October 13, 2015: Men have it rougher in America than most people realize. In part, that’s… Continue reading The demise of masculinity