Feminism/ Male rights

The demise of masculinity

Increasingly, the males of 2016 find themselves in a confused, bewildered state. Changed gender relations have improved much, but there have been plenty of negative consequences also. “I Feel Sorry For Real Men In The Millennial Generation”, Right Wing News, October 13, 2015: Men have it rougher in America than most people realize. In part, that’s… Continue reading The demise of masculinity

Feminism/ Male rights

Miranda Devine on our society’s emasculation

In the following piece, Miranda Devine of the Daily Telegraph, brilliantly outlines the forced and accepted feminization of many males, and the unreasonable expectations placed often upon them. Stop telling boys to act like girls IN this era of women-only parking, women-only trains, women-only apartments and transgender bathrooms, it seems the only acceptable man is… Continue reading Miranda Devine on our society’s emasculation

Pro- Life

A proposition for the advancment of Male rights

Since the 1960’s, discussions around gender equality have predominantly centred from the perspectives of feminism. This trend is rightfully so, as both historically and in the modern era, across a broad range of areas, women tend to be more discriminated against than their male counterparts. I do not have any problem or issue with feminism,… Continue reading A proposition for the advancment of Male rights