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Thank You, Linda Sarsour

While Linda Sarsour is notoriously deceptive in some respects, in others, her contempt for Western civilization and democratic norms is unbridled. But when her public speeches tend more towards the latter, we should be grateful for her candidly demonstrating the grave threat that Islam poses to the free world. Jihad Watch, by Phillip Haney, July… Continue reading Thank You, Linda Sarsour

Feminism/ Male rights

The Left’s newest star

Breitbart, by Alex Vanness, Febtuary 3, 2017: Linda Sarsour is a principal organizer for Woman’s March on Washington following President Donald Trump’s inauguration. Her rise to liberal stardom following the march has occurred in spite of her support for anti-feminist views and outrageous attacks on anti-Sharia women leaders. Sarsour, who serves as the executive director… Continue reading The Left’s newest star