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The trouble with Libertarianism

The rise of anti- globalist movements, Leftist identity politics, and Islam- critical forces have indubitably left libertarianism in a weaker position than it once was. Which is in some respects, unfortunate. On a personal level, I find libertarian views on cigarette taxation, climate change, mass surveillance, self defence, foreign interventionism, as well as policing and… Continue reading The trouble with Libertarianism

Libertarian issues

Self- defence in Australia

In the following, Senator David Leyonhjelm aptly exposes the inability for Australians to defend themselves against violent threats. Moreover, his remarks should make a lot of sense to many, including feminists and others looking to protect the downtrodden in society, as genuine access to non- lethal weapons would help such groups. “Lindt cafe hostages, like the rest of… Continue reading Self- defence in Australia

Libertarian issues

How business hours should be approached

“Queensland Trading Hours: Businesses should be free to chooise their own trading hours”, Liberty Works, November 13 2016: In response to Queensland Government’s review of the Review of Trading (Allowable Hours) Act 1990, LibertyWorks Inc. is proposing that all regulations around tradable hours be abolished as soon as possible. Trading hours are an unjust restriction… Continue reading How business hours should be approached

Libertarian issues

The state being where it shouldn’t be

Although I’m a staunch conservative, I believe there to be plenty of room for us on the right, to seek common ground with Libertarianism. Although there is variation on approaches to certain issues, conservatives and libertarians often share similar world views and we should emphasize our similarities, not our differences. There are certainly places where the state should keep out… Continue reading The state being where it shouldn’t be