Freedom of speech

Scott Morrison doesn’t understand conservative Australians

Treasurer Scott Morrison has in recent weeks warned against reforming section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, arguing that it ‘doesn’t create one job’. What a sad state our federal politics has come to, if attempts to further our rights to freedom of speech, are being deemed unimportant because they do not result in immediate economic benefits.… Continue reading Scott Morrison doesn’t understand conservative Australians

The gravy train

The real bludgers

Time and time again, the Liberal party lectures Australians of the need for ‘smaller government’ and ‘reduced debt’. But how is it that our leaders claim to be concerned about fiscal discipline, and yet without hesitation, continue to enjoy the excessive perks of political life? Surely now, it’s time to call our politicians that enjoy extravagant entitlements for what… Continue reading The real bludgers