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The White Supremacist Left

Throughout this post, the terms ‘Left’ and Leftist’ specifically refer to White Leftists. Due to demographic hegemony, White Leftists are generally the dominant group in Western Left-wing circles. Yet White Leftists are distinct within the broader Left, by actually believing their own arguments on racism and White Supremacy. Contrastingly, Jews, blacks, Muslims, etc, spout lines… Continue reading The White Supremacist Left

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The Sexual Revolution Devours its Children

By Edward Feser, December 27, 2018: In two recent posts, we looked at philosopher Alex Byrne’s criticisms of claims made by some transgender activists to the effect that sex is not binary and that it is socially constructed.  Byrne is by no means the only philosopher alarmed at the increasingly bizarre claims being made by such activists –… Continue reading The Sexual Revolution Devours its Children

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Why the White Left is Finished

Among other perks, WordPress usefully divides posts by category and archive–so they can be later readily accessed. Because of this, and amidst the 2020 Democratic Primaries–a historic, landmark event in intersectionality politics thus far–it appears worth revisiting Richard Spencer’s apt Twitter thread, that responded to the Ralph Northam year-book scandal. In anticipation of anti-white invectives… Continue reading Why the White Left is Finished

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6 Core Signs of an NPC

With NPC memes being increasingly censored and ironically appropriated by establishment, NPC-esque figures; now seems a practical time to highlight 6 regurgitations which are only rationally conceivable, when one possesses an unintelligent, agency-bereft nature. For readers not attuned to NPC memes, or not yet understanding what an ‘NPC’ even is, Black Pidgeon Speaks’ below video… Continue reading 6 Core Signs of an NPC

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Responding To 18 Months of Unhinged Leftist Hatred

Many Left-leaning critics claim President Trump has ’emboldened’ the Alt Right. While this may be true, the Trump Presidency has certainly emboldened a more radical, dangerous Alt Left. Whether observed in Madonna threatening to blow up the White House, Maxine Walters inciting mobs to intimidate Trump officials, Kathy Griffin holding up a mask to resemble… Continue reading Responding To 18 Months of Unhinged Leftist Hatred

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The great Leftist contradiction

Many across the broad dissident Right routinely point to the great contradiction underlying Leftist thought: that identity, culture, and history profoundly matter to people of colour, however, when even the slightest of comparable feelings are expressed for Europeans, the latter are attacked as being bigoted, racist, and engaging in behaviour from which genocide will inevitably… Continue reading The great Leftist contradiction

Indigenous Australians

What will happen if we change Australia Day?

Prediction: If the far- Left succeeds in canning Australia Day by establishing the very day European Australians arrived on this continent is offensive and racist, 1 of 2 things will happen. Australia Day may be moved to May 8 or some other trivial date, and rather than celebrations, the day will resemble an apology day… Continue reading What will happen if we change Australia Day?

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Surging Radicalism on the American Left

We sometimes laugh, mock or dismiss Leftist talking points at this blog. But this shouldn’t distract from the serious, pervasive strains of radicalism that are increasingly dominating the modern Left. Now, say what you like about folks on the extreme end of the ‘Right’ spectrum, in the alt- Right. There’s certainly ample room for scrutiny.… Continue reading Surging Radicalism on the American Left

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Legitimacy questions raised over SSM poster

If anything could unify a lackluster conservative/ Middle Australia against gay marriage, it would likely be the bullying, the fake news, and the bigotry frequently espoused by pro- gay marriage advocates. 20, 15, or perhaps even 10 years ago, I’d have accepted the overwhelming proponents of hatred regarding the subject of homosexuality, originating from bible-… Continue reading Legitimacy questions raised over SSM poster

Gay Marriage

Sam Stosur hints at player boycott of Margaret Court Arena at 2018 Australian Open

Recent calls to change the name of Margaret Court Arena, as well as Samantha Stosur’s recent comments, reflect the warped direction Leftists have headed along in the past 5 or so years. While the Left once defended diverse thought and opinion, it has increasingly become an insular, dogmatic, totalitarian engine for silencing all those who dare disagree with the status quo. And… Continue reading Sam Stosur hints at player boycott of Margaret Court Arena at 2018 Australian Open