Islam in Australia

Islamic Supremacy through cartoons?

The President of the National Imam’s Council, Sheikh Shady, is seeking Muslim funding for Islamic cartoons produced by One4Kids, as an alternative to Peppa Pig. According to the Sheikh, Islamic cartoons are required because; “Muslims are averaging much higher birthrates” and “it’s our responsibility not to stop them from watching but give them another alternative”. Viewing these comments… Continue reading Islamic Supremacy through cartoons?


Islamic supremacism

The supremacist tendencies of Islam are reflected in the subversive, insubordinate behaviour of many Muslims throughout the West. Routinely, Western settled Muslims seek to introduce their cultural/ religious norms, demand their widespread recognition and ultimately, enforce these practices upon wider society. Whether these ambitions be manifested through raping uncovered women, acting to prevent the consumption of haram… Continue reading Islamic supremacism