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America’s forever war

America’s quarter century role in Iraq can truly be described as a ‘forever war’. As throughout this period, perceived threats stemming from Iraq were met with overwhelming military force, costing 4500 American lives, $7.9 trillion dollars, and untold damage to US soft power. But perhaps even worse than these extraordinary sacrifices, is that Iraq has… Continue reading America’s forever war

Islamic State

Report: The World’s Most Wanted Man Has Been Killed

Information appears to be mounting that Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead. Although the death of al- Baghdadi would be far from negative, if this “caliph” truly is dead, we should not be fooled into any false sense of security regarding Islam and the global jihad, as unfortunately occurred after Osama Bin- Laden was killed in 2011. Daily Wire, by… Continue reading Report: The World’s Most Wanted Man Has Been Killed

Islamic apologism and the persecution of dissenters

Manchester: Europe Still ‘Shocked, Shocked’

Gatestone Institute, by Judith Bergman, May 24, 2017: When ISIS attacked the Bataclan Theater in Paris in November 2015, it did so because, in its own words, it was “where hundreds of pagans gathered for a concert of prostitution and vice.” A year earlier, ISIS had forbidden all music as haram (forbidden). Many Islamic scholars… Continue reading Manchester: Europe Still ‘Shocked, Shocked’

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Islamic State terrorist Neil Prakash likely to face Melbourne court within 12 months

Malcolm Turnbull appears keen to bring the notorious Neil Prakash back onto Australian soil, where he will apparently ‘face justice’. Now, perhaps Australia is being forced to extradite this man back from Turkey due to foreign powers/ obligations. However, our government should be in no rush to bring back Neil Prakash, or any of the other Islamic terrorists… Continue reading Islamic State terrorist Neil Prakash likely to face Melbourne court within 12 months

Islamic State

Islamic State Using Funds to Recruit Children Among Illegal Alien Population

Shariah Finance Watch, by Christopher W. Holton, Feb. 5, 2017: The Islamic State is paying the smugglers’ fees of child “refugees” to attract new recruits. Europol has identified as many as 88,300 unaccompanied minors among the illegal alien population overrunning Europe. Both the ISIS and the Islamic State affiliate in Nigeria–Boko Haram–have been recruiting in… Continue reading Islamic State Using Funds to Recruit Children Among Illegal Alien Population

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Why the Islamic State is Islamic

See below for Robert Spencer’s clinical analysis on why the Islamic State and Islamic teachings are intertwined. For more on Spencer’s work, revisit later today for a detailed analysis. “Muslim Scholar ‘Refute’ Islamic State’s Islamic Case- While endorsing Jihad, Sharia, Caliphate”, FRONTPAGEMAG, September 24, 2014: The Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Fiqh… Continue reading Why the Islamic State is Islamic

Islamic State

Berlin truck terrorist pledged allegiance to Abu Bakr al Baghdadi in video

Long War Journal, by Thomas Joscelyn, December 23, 2016: The Islamic State’s Amaq News Agency has released a video of Anis Amri, the Tunisian man suspected of driving a large lorry into a crowded Christmas market in Berlin on Dec. 19. Twelve people were killed and dozens more injured in the attack. Amri was reportedly… Continue reading Berlin truck terrorist pledged allegiance to Abu Bakr al Baghdadi in video

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Another day in Melbourne, Australia

Congratulations to our outstanding law enforcement and counter terrorism agencies for detecting this plot. Despite a difficult task, these agencies have performed excellently well in counter terrorism operations during the past few years, and for that we owe a great debt. Other than that, this is only another day for Melbourne, a city of the increasingly… Continue reading Another day in Melbourne, Australia

Islamic State

US raises reward for IS chief al-Baghdadi from $10 million to $25 million

The United States has more than doubled its reward for information leading to the “location, arrest, or conviction” of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, chief of the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL), or simply the IS.

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Why the death penalty for Islamic terrorists makes sense

Owing to their insipid knowledge of Islam, our law makers often adopt poor counter terrorism policies. George Christensen and the senators of One Nation, are perhaps the only reasonable voices amidst our Islam- illiterate politicians. But when considering the nature of Islam and its relationship with terrorism, the best possible punishment for convicted Islamic terrorists, is… Continue reading Why the death penalty for Islamic terrorists makes sense

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Wife of IS recruiter charged with disrespecting court

Should we really be surprised? Islam maintains no respect whatsoever for the existing laws and order of non- Muslim countries. So this latest development should come as no shock. Instead of perpetuating false outrage, we should condemn the treasonous politicians that ignored the consequences of mass Islamic immigration, and pursue an alternative path conducive to our national… Continue reading Wife of IS recruiter charged with disrespecting court

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One year on from the Paris attacks

It might be a few days late, but writing a post in commemoration of the victims of last year’s Paris attacks, is surely better late than never. While I didn’t directly know anyone caught in Paris during this time, I did visit the city only 3 weeks after the atrocities, so on some level these… Continue reading One year on from the Paris attacks


Islamic supremacism

The supremacist tendencies of Islam are reflected in the subversive, insubordinate behaviour of many Muslims throughout the West. Routinely, Western settled Muslims seek to introduce their cultural/ religious norms, demand their widespread recognition and ultimately, enforce these practices upon wider society. Whether these ambitions be manifested through raping uncovered women, acting to prevent the consumption of haram… Continue reading Islamic supremacism

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Tensions mounting over Syria

Tensions are mounting in Syria as in one of the last vestiges of rebel power; Aleppo, conflict is intensifying, as the Assad regime accompanied with Russia and Iran, edges closer towards victory. While the scenes in this Western- driven war have already been horrific, this situation has been compounded by speculation that perhaps a larger… Continue reading Tensions mounting over Syria