Identitarianism/ White Identity

The Pre-Eminence of Identity

The following was written 1 month ago by PJB, but remains relevant today. In particular, PJB points out the pre-eminence of group identity. Essentially, identity is the cog on which all issues hinge–our sense of ourselves provides the framework to view politics and society. Without winning on this identity front, we lose the will to… Continue reading The Pre-Eminence of Identity

Identitarianism/ White Identity

How Group Identity Transcends the Individual

As a West Coast supporter who watched my club’s win its 4th AFL premiership, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the last week. Yet despite my love for West Coast, there are vital lessons to be taken from this year’s runner up–Collingwood–that carry pertinent implications for identitarianism. For readers not well versed on the intricacies of AFL, some… Continue reading How Group Identity Transcends the Individual

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Why Liberal Values Alone Cannot Defeat Islam

Nearly 3 years ago, this site was founded as a stridently anti-Islamic blog. My first post was written about Geert Wilders’ 2015 visit to Australia, and the crude reception he received. Since those days, I’ve shifted some focus away from Islam, primarily towards issues of immigration and identity. To be clear, my core opposition to… Continue reading Why Liberal Values Alone Cannot Defeat Islam

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How Identity Empowers the Individual

“In Defence of Identity”, by Oz Conservative, July 22, 2018: It’s not easy to categorise Jordan Peterson. He calls himself a “classic British liberal” but he’s not entirely like the “free market, individual liberty and limited government” right-liberals who have dominated the establishment centre-right parties. For one thing, he is not a materialist in his… Continue reading How Identity Empowers the Individual

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The Basis of Group Pride

Opponents of identity politics claim that individuals can only take pride in their achievements, and not the work of others. But this omits that nothing, including individuals, exist in a vaccum. Further, people can enjoy gifts, regardless of if they’ve earned them. In many ways, our ancestral background is a gift, as civilisation is a… Continue reading The Basis of Group Pride

Identitarianism/ White Identity

The inescapable nature of identity politics

For many on the anti- SJW Right, identity politics is an oppressive phenomenon which requires opposition at every turn. But when measured against evidence, this perspective is uncovered as deluded and contradictory to observed realities. Consider: Charlie Kirk who embodies this anti-SJW Right, exhaustively professes that identity politics is wrong because we should “judge people… Continue reading The inescapable nature of identity politics