Climate change/ Energy · Scott Morrison

Why I Suspect Foul Play

Saturday, en route to my local post office, I noticed this plastered onto the street corner: And so, this poster prompted me to reflect upon a few not-so-plausible details of the ongoing bushfires and responses to them. The people in media, Extinction Rebellion and left-wing circles, say they are concerned about bushfire damage. But for… Continue reading Why I Suspect Foul Play

Climate change/ Energy

Will the real climate change please stand up?

Decades after we were first introduced to the concept of man- made global warming, purported evidence of an impending, all- encompassing disaster remains contradictory. Whether it’s this year, next, or sometime further into the future, a defining hour that will hold all climate alarmists responsible for past deceptions, is fast approaching. “Time for Climate Scientists… Continue reading Will the real climate change please stand up?