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Will ‘Consent’ Prevent the Normalisation of Pedophilia?

I received an interesting critical comment on my last post, ‘WHO Advances the Pedophile Agenda’: There’s never going to be normalisation of non-consenting relationships. This individual is not alone: as of 26 May 2020, most leftists probably object to pedophilia on the ground of consent. More or less, their reasoning (if pressed) would go along… Continue reading Will ‘Consent’ Prevent the Normalisation of Pedophilia?

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The Normalisation of Pedophilia

What might have been considered a preposterous prediction in earlier years—the normalisation of pedophilia through the LGBT+ agenda—is increasingly becoming a reality.  At this post’s close, are links to 3 articles which reflect the push to desensitising public attitudes towards pedophilia. But for now consider the last dramatic social shift—gay marriage—and its connection to the… Continue reading The Normalisation of Pedophilia

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The ABC vs ‘No’ voter deplorables

With unyielding disdain for Australia’s deplorables, the ABC has alleged ‘cognitive ability shapes attitudes on equal rights for same- sex couples.’ Translation: If you believe in traditional marriage, you are likely less intelligent than the savvy ‘Yes’ crowd. Conversely, it should be noted the Coalition for Marriage campaign does not utilize simple, elementary arguments appealing… Continue reading The ABC vs ‘No’ voter deplorables

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Bishop to cut trip short amid Libs drama

Julie Bishop cutting short a long planned trip to the Philippines, seems to suggest something dramatic is mounting within the Liberal Party. For as Malcolm Turnbull appears unable to control his backbenchers over the proposed gay marriage plebiscite, it therefore seems the Prime Minister has lost control over the Liberal partyroom. While a potential challenge… Continue reading Bishop to cut trip short amid Libs drama

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Coopers’ cowering ‘apology’ video

After I discussed the cowardly rollover from Coopers’ earlier in the week, their recent ‘apology’ video has come to my attention. While I’ve spent many days over the past few years criticizing the Regressive Left, this pitiful, cringe- worthy plea for totalitarian forgiveness, is the worst instance of regressive intrusion I have seen yet. It demonstrates just how far regressive… Continue reading Coopers’ cowering ‘apology’ video

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Left-wing intolerance must be called out

For the Regressive Left to maintain any future hold over their claims of supporting ‘tolerance’ and ‘equality’, they must first recognize their own painstakingly obvious, unfettered intolerance for other groups. Including those who might happen to disagree with them (god forbid). This is my honest, sincere advice to any ‘progressive’ who has sought to bully Coopers into… Continue reading Left-wing intolerance must be called out