Freedom of speech

Why free speech is under attack

Regrettably, the childish, immature excuse for a university otherwise known as Berkeley, recently sought to censor free speech, with the college banning the speaking appearance of Ann Coulter due to mounting student pressures. Fortunately, Berkeley lifted its ban on Coulter speaking, but the issue of an increasingly totalitarian movement aiming to repress free speech remains. It seems that the traditional… Continue reading Why free speech is under attack

Freedom of speech

Sky News sacks presenter Mark Latham

Given the mass scourging of conservative commentators throughout the West, is it any wonder that Breitbart and other related sites are growing at such an exponential rate? The Australian, Stephen Brook, March 29, 2017: Sky News today sacked controversial presenter Mark Latham. The pay-TV channel said that it had “terminated the contract of contributor Mark Latham… Continue reading Sky News sacks presenter Mark Latham

Freedom of speech

The role of free speech

Tucker Carlson’s segments in which he hosts a member of the Regressive Left, acts to wonderfully highlights the role of free speech. While he dissents with the views of his guests, Carlson is generally reasonable, and allows them to freely express their radical views. But as is demonstrated below, the presence of straightforward logic, is the best tool… Continue reading The role of free speech

Freedom of speech

A true victory for free speech

For any who care about free speech in Australia, that a Federal Court has thrown out the QUT racism lawsuit, should be cause for genuine celebration. Finally, the 3 students of the Queensland University of Technology, have had their names cleared and can hopefully continue on with their lives as normally as possible. But while this is… Continue reading A true victory for free speech

Freedom of speech

An excellent defence of free speech

Free speech is not a trivial matter whereby ‘racists’ or ‘bigots’ shouldn’t be heard or matter. For to legislatively expurgate one set of views and beliefs on the basis of their perceived lack of importance, opens the floodgates for all types of censorship. “First they came for the racists”, LibertyWorks, October 26 2016: Look at the… Continue reading An excellent defence of free speech

Aboriginals · Freedom of speech

Freedom of speech under siege

As the Andrew Bolt and QUT case had shown previously, section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act is the great Trojan horse of modern Australia, as it subtly yet meaningfully moves to chip away at our great democratic tradition. The legislation’s most recent victim in Bill Leak, demonstrates the trivial, squabbling mess that we Australians have become: a people… Continue reading Freedom of speech under siege