Free Trade/ Foreign Investment

My Orange Juice Came From Brazil

With comparative advantage increasingly diminished amid technological trends, one of the more historically important cases for free trade appears on the wane. Thus, national trade and industries are more and more about trans- national┬ácompetition, and this is why modern economic protectionism is a furmost patriotic duty. First Things, Robert Cummins, May 1, 2017: A couple… Continue reading My Orange Juice Came From Brazil

Capitalism vs Communism

Why Australia needs Capitalism

Recently, I had the tremendous honour of meeting Australia’s minister for Finance, Mathias Cormann. Cormann delivered a great speech to a crowd, and in particular I found 2 aspects of his speech endearing, as to why Capitalist policies are the superior approach. Cormann gave the great example of Berlin, in comparing the economic outcomes for a… Continue reading Why Australia needs Capitalism