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A Blind Faith

Over the last few weeks, it has been interesting to hear the views of some normies on the coronavirus pandemic. For the most part, normies have stressed the importance of safety guidelines being conscientiously adhered to. Upon enquiring as to why this should be so, they have unanimously given that unthinking response: because ‘science’ and… Continue reading A Blind Faith

Christianity and faith related issues

Where There is No Substitute For Faith

No matter how far one subsumes themselves in modern pleasures or goal-oriented pursuits, an all-enduring truth remains. That is, there exists no substitute for faith, and the more we neglect this actuality through constantly seeking to “live in the moment”, the starker it grows. Before proceeding, I’ll clearly preface this post with the following: I… Continue reading Where There is No Substitute For Faith

Christianity and faith related issues

The role of faith

Yesterday, I attended a funeral service, that placed a heavy emphasis on traditionally catholic principles. While not militantly atheist, or especially religious, and as somewhat of an outsider to catholic doctrine, I was particularly taken aback by comforting aspects that faith brought to the occasion. Yes, there were tears, there were expression of loss and… Continue reading The role of faith