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Why the White Left is Finished

Among other perks, WordPress usefully divides posts by category and archive–so they can be later readily accessed. Because of this, and amidst the 2020 Democratic Primaries–a historic, landmark event in intersectionality politics thus far–it appears worth revisiting Richard Spencer’s apt Twitter thread, responding to the Ralph Northam year-book scandal. In anticipation of anti-white invectives hurled… Continue reading Why the White Left is Finished

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The Limits of Democracy

Isn’t it revealing that those who exhort warnings about “saving democracy,” are eager to remove President Trump from office, through less than democratic means? Against all odds: the pressures of Wall Street, Hollywood, the media, the political establishment and demographic trajectories; President Trump rose to power through the democratic system. Despite this authentically populist, grassroots… Continue reading The Limits of Democracy

2020 Presidential Election

Elizabeth Warren Visited Troops In Afghanistan On July 4th. She’s Running.

Should Elizabeth Warren run for President in 2020 as seems likely, a candid referendum on support for Leftist identity politics shall loom large. Daily Wire, by Robert Kraychik, July 5, 2017: Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) visited U.S. forces deployed in Afghanistan during the July 4th holiday, sharing photos of her visit on Twitter. The “progressive” senator was… Continue reading Elizabeth Warren Visited Troops In Afghanistan On July 4th. She’s Running.