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The Conservative Retreat From Abortion

On August 8, the bill to decriminalise abortion in NSW passed the lower house. With this bill decided a whopping 59 to 31 votes in favour, it looks set to pass the upper house when the final vote occurs in mid-September. Upon this, abortion in NSW would change from a crime carrying a maximum penalty… Continue reading The Conservative Retreat From Abortion

Australian Politics · The Necessary Political Instinct

Why I support Peter Dutton

Given the impending doom mounting over Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership and the damaging, potentially fatal result of yesterday’s leadership ballot, Peter Dutton may be our next Prime Minister. As such, I’d like to explain why I support Dutton’s bid for Australia’s top job, and what makes him different from other senior liberals. Dutton has sensibly argued… Continue reading Why I support Peter Dutton

Identitarianism/ White Identity

The inescapable nature of identity politics

For many on the anti- SJW Right, identity politics is an oppressive phenomenon which requires opposition at every turn. But when measured against evidence, this perspective is uncovered as deluded and contradictory to observed realities. Consider: Charlie Kirk who embodies this anti-SJW Right, exhaustively professes that identity politics is wrong because we should “judge people… Continue reading The inescapable nature of identity politics