Nationalist/ Tribalist themes

In Defense of Prejudice

Greg Johnson wrote a fantastic piece in 2015 on why group judgements are necessary in certain circumstances. In addition to his analysis, I would note the collective rights of peoples far prevail over the rights of foreign individuals. As such, generalisations over group traits should be made and acted upon. Counter Currents, by Greg Johnson,… Continue reading In Defense of Prejudice

Identitarianism/ White Identity · Liberalism

How Identity Empowers the Individual

“In Defence of Identity”, by Oz Conservative, July 22, 2018: It’s not easy to categorise Jordan Peterson. He calls himself a “classic British liberal” but he’s not entirely like the “free market, individual liberty and limited government” right-liberals who have dominated the establishment centre-right parties. For one thing, he is not a materialist in his… Continue reading How Identity Empowers the Individual