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Why the White Left is Finished

Among other perks, WordPress usefully divides posts by category and archive–so they can be later readily accessed. Because of this, and amidst the 2020 Democratic Primaries–a historic, landmark event in intersectionality politics thus far–it appears worth revisiting Richard Spencer’s apt Twitter thread, responding to the Ralph Northam year-book scandal. In anticipation of anti-white invectives hurled… Continue reading Why the White Left is Finished

Donald Trump/ Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders is right about Trump voters

Bernie Sanders recently moved to defend Trump voters in what was seen as a rebuke of Hillary Clinton’s infamous ‘deplorable’ remarks, arguing that he didn’t think they were racists, sexists or homophobes. While speaking common sense¬†alone generally doesn’t warrant praise, given the state of the modern ‘progressive’ movement he deserves some. Moreover, Sanders’ comments are… Continue reading Bernie Sanders is right about Trump voters