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The Folly of an Australia Day Alternative

Yesterday, Scott Morrison proposed we launch an alternative to Australia Day, to celebrate Indigenous achievements, while maintaining our traditional national holiday. But our Prime Minister along with his well-intentioned, yet negligent racially averse colleagues, is seriously mistaken. By seeking a unity where many Aboriginals and their radical enablers don’t wish to, this change won’t work.… Continue reading The Folly of an Australia Day Alternative

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What will happen if we change Australia Day?

Prediction: If the far- Left succeeds in canning Australia Day by establishing the very day European Australians arrived on this continent is offensive and racist, 1 of 2 things will happen. Australia Day may be moved to May 8 or some other trivial date, and rather than celebrations, the day will resemble an apology day… Continue reading What will happen if we change Australia Day?

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Bill Shorten shy on Oz Day support

A political opportunist to his core, Bill Shorten clearly understands the political reality of changing Australia Day. For now, Australians largely support keeping the date, and Shorten has responded accordingly. But there is enough reluctance in his recent comments, combined with a bizarre critique of Malcolm Turnbull, to conclude Shorten and Labor will support changing… Continue reading Bill Shorten shy on Oz Day support

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Why we shouldn’t change Australia Day

“What’s so bad about January 26?”, The Spectator, 26 January, 2017: This week, Warren Mundine proposed that Australia Day should be moved from January 26 to January 1, because the 26th marks the arrival of the first white settlers at Sydney Cove. He does not have a problem with the concept of Australia Day, but… Continue reading Why we shouldn’t change Australia Day

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Reconciliation or Revenge?

Another Australia Day, and fortunately for us, Sherry Sufi has released yet another brilliant piece on Indigenous affairs. Enjoy the following, but more importantly, happy Australia Day to all! “Reconciliation or Revenge?”, The Spectator, January 21, 2017: For a decade, a national apology was sought from Prime Minister John Howard. For a decade, he refused… Continue reading Reconciliation or Revenge?

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The hijacking of our national day

For those who do not know, tomorrow is Australia Day, a national holiday commemorating┬áthe landing of the First Fleet in 1788. A day which should be used for harmony, and celebration, unfortunately has been increasingly hijacked by the Left, who seek to not only degrade and destroy our national day, but more broadly discredit any… Continue reading The hijacking of our national day