Anti-White sentiment · Nationalist/ Tribalist themes

It’s Not OK to be White

Following up on recent twitter activities, my final reflections on the fracas over Pauline Hanson’s failed “It’s OK to be White” motion, are as follows. While more powerful in institutional, political, cultural and economic measures; the Left is as ill-conceived as ever. Painfully lacking in self-reflection, Leftist Australian media screeching over “It’s OK to be… Continue reading It’s Not OK to be White

Anti-White sentiment

What ‘Diversity’ Really Means

As many are coming to understand, ‘diversity’ simply means less white people, as a recent New York Times piece laid bare. No-ones squeals for more ‘diversity’ when it comes to homogenous non-white communities or countries. It is only when a preponderance of European descended people exist, that ‘diversity’ is sought after. Consider these hypothetical headlines;… Continue reading What ‘Diversity’ Really Means

Anti-White sentiment

The Housewives of White Supremacy

Racism, prejudice and bigotry are all overused labels, that have had their meaning progressively diminished. However, those that wholeheartedly despise different groups on racial, ethnic, religious or cultural grounds still exist: but not in the places the media would have us believe. For there is no more explicit, plain instance of intolerance than wishing a… Continue reading The Housewives of White Supremacy

Anti-White sentiment · Identitarianism/ White Identity

Who wants to abolish the white race?

Jared Taylor’s recent video on surging anti- white sentiment reveals 3 pertinent lessons. First, no matter how hard ‘white allies’ try, they will never fully be on the side of minorities bent on tearing down Western civilisation. Whether seen in fervent requests to recognise ‘white privilege,’ to calls for slavery reparations, to demands for mass… Continue reading Who wants to abolish the white race?

Anti-White sentiment · Racism

“You can’t be racist to white people”: The proper response

In modern times, we are frequently told racism cannot occur to white people. Because supposedly, the definition of racism now relates to ‘power structures,’ and not just traditional insults made towards ethnic minorities, or blatant race- based discrimination. But when this assertion is applied with proper scrutiny, it crumbles. Clearly, this neo- Marxist construct is an outright fabrication… Continue reading “You can’t be racist to white people”: The proper response