The Left’s descent to Fascism

Ever since alt- right figure Richard Spencer was recorded being punched in the face, a variety of Nazi- punching memes and games have emerged, while the Left has sought to explain and/ or justify why assaulting people they believe to be ‘Nazis’ is appropriate. But while criticizing the perceived faults of others, the Left has… Continue reading The Left’s descent to Fascism

Paleoconservative issues

The manifesto of the alt- right

After hearing plenty about this so called ‘alt- right’, I recently read Breitbart’s manifesto for the movement. My impressions? I couldn’t agree with everything put forward in the piece, but by in large its ideology seems to resemble my own. While there were many, I found three¬†points in the article particularly insightful. Ironically, the alt… Continue reading The manifesto of the alt- right