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The True White Privilege

I recently attended a talk by Justice Thackray, a former Chief Judge of the Family Court of Western Australia. During which, Justice Thackray described his 2018-19 efforts, in delivering family law access to Aboriginals of the East Pilbara. Fulfilling the maligned ‘Boomer’ ethos, Justice Thackray vaunted his time spent aiding Aboriginal people for a license:… Continue reading The True White Privilege

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The Jewish War on White Australia

I came across the following piece recently; it aptly demonstrates how elite Jews view themselves, the nature of Australian Jewish influence, and their use of Aboriginals as proxy warriors. Evidenced, mind you, by extensive quotes from Australian Jews themselves–this goes far deeper than mere speculation. Despite the piece running at 15,500 words, it is certainly… Continue reading The Jewish War on White Australia

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The Folly of an Australia Day Alternative

Yesterday Scott Morrison proposed we launch an alternative to Australia Day, to celebrate Indigenous achievements, while maintaining our traditional national holiday. But our Prime Minister along with his well-intentioned, yet negligent racially averse colleagues, is seriously mistaken. By seeking a unity where many Aboriginals and their radical enablers don’t wish to, this change won’t work.… Continue reading The Folly of an Australia Day Alternative

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Aboriginal exceptionalism or equality: which principle shall the AFL choose?

This week is Indigenous Round in the AFL, where games are spent acknowledging the remarkable contribution Aboriginals have made to our national game. While many discussions are being had, a transparent contradiction between the AFL’s states belief in equality and Aboriginal exceptionalism, is seldom raised. Every year, the AFL jumps on every single ‘equality’ cause… Continue reading Aboriginal exceptionalism or equality: which principle shall the AFL choose?

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The history of Australian pygmies

Quadrant have a fascinating piece regarding the historical existence of Australian pygmies, a racially distinct group from Aboriginals as we now understand them. This discussion of pygmies, in suggesting there have been various immigration waves prior to 1788, renders the notion of Aboriginal Australia being the ‘oldest continuous civilisation’ utterly untenable. Bringing the Aboriginal question… Continue reading The history of Australian pygmies

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Bill Shorten Shy On Oz Day Support

A political opportunist to his core, Bill Shorten clearly understands the political reality of changing Australia Day. For now, Australians largely support keeping the date, and Shorten has responded accordingly. But there is enough reluctance in his recent comments, combined with a bizarre critique of Malcolm Turnbull, to conclude Shorten and Labor will support changing… Continue reading Bill Shorten Shy On Oz Day Support