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The Normalisation of Pedophilia

What might have been considered a preposterous prediction in earlier years—the normalisation of pedophilia through the LGBT+ agenda—is increasingly becoming a reality.  At this post’s close, are links to 3 articles which reflect the push to desensitising public attitudes towards pedophilia. But for now consider the last dramatic social shift—gay marriage—and its connection to the… Continue reading The Normalisation of Pedophilia

Donald Trump/ Hillary Clinton

Trump’s Working Class, Conservative, Populist Realignment

American Conservative, by Robert Merry, July 24, 2018: Bonnie Smith is a 63-year-old bakery entrepreneur in Jefferson, Ohio, in Ashtabula County. She begins her day in the bakery at 2:30 a.m., making doughnuts, then moving on to breads and pies “or whatever I have going out.” Married with three grown children, she started her business… Continue reading Trump’s Working Class, Conservative, Populist Realignment

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“The Ideas Made it, But I Didn’t”

In an age of serial mainstream media bias, I highly commend Politico on their fair, articulate analysis of Patrick. J Buchanan. From his early life, to his career in the media, to his time spent in the White House, to his unsuccessful bids for President in the 1990’s, to the influence of Buchananite, populist ideas towards the extraordinary Trump… Continue reading “The Ideas Made it, But I Didn’t”