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The ABC’s Trump Derangement Syndrome unveiled

In recent times, the ABC has descended into an intolerant, anti- Australian, biased organisation devoted to spreading Leftist views, despite legislation and a civic duty requiring otherwise. Because of these harmful trends, the ABC’s funding of $1 000 000 000 per annum ought to be eliminated, to inflict irreversible institutional damage extending beyond the current… Continue reading The ABC’s Trump Derangement Syndrome unveiled

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Why Europeans are being written out of their own history

We often hear about isolated, scattered instances of anti-white sentiment, including the re-writing of Western history. This makes Mark Collett’s recent video particularly useful, as he methodically outlines many examples of this ongoing trend. Upon reflection, there appear two reasons for this deliberately distorted portrayal of Western history. First, this propaganda aims to portray proponents… Continue reading Why Europeans are being written out of their own history

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Australian nurses slammed over ‘white privilege’

It isn’t necessary, nor useful to bully another person on their alleged ‘privilege’ in a relationship between nurse and patient. But if there is anyone who ought to acknowledge privilege here, it is Aboriginal patients. Of course, Aboriginals face substantial health disadvantages today in comparison to non- Aboriginal Australians. But when considering the contrast between… Continue reading Australian nurses slammed over ‘white privilege’


A brief update on the blog’s domain

As some may have noticed, this blog’s primary domain has recently changed from to While access has thus far remained possible by using the aussieconservative address, this will no longer be the case from tomorrow onwards. So when you search up this blog in the future, only type in: into your Web Bar… Continue reading A brief update on the blog’s domain

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Donald Trump and Eminem

Similarities between the early 2000’s Eminem, and the 2016/17 Donald Trump, are undeniable. The rebellious, anti- establishment, decidedly provocative nature of both figures certainly drew me in, as I supported Donald Trump’s run for President, and I enjoy Eminem’s older music. Sure differences between the two are obvious, but Eminem and Donald Trump’s success was… Continue reading Donald Trump and Eminem


Why Yassmin Abdel- Magied is wrong on Anzac Day

Australia’s most undesirable Islamist apologist Yassmin Abdel- Magied has attacked Australia again, but this time in a period considered sacred by both conservatives and progressives. Earlier today Abdel- Magied tweeted: “Lest We Forget (Manus. Nauru. Syria. Palestine)”, in an attempt to politically hijack a day universally revered by Australians. Essentially, this tweet implicated that Australia should not mourn the… Continue reading Why Yassmin Abdel- Magied is wrong on Anzac Day


My gracious request for your donations

Hello Aussie Conservative old timers, regulars or otherwise. As many of you know, my name is Ethan Sinclair, and I am the sole editor, author, and Chief Executive Officer of the Aussie Conservative Blog. After a few years of blogging; the time and resources invested into designing my site, preparing posts, developing eBooks, running my… Continue reading My gracious request for your donations


Fidel Castro’s death and my message to conservatives

A few hours ago Cuban state TV announced that its former leader, Fidel Castro, has died at 90 years of age. Obviously, Castro was a polarising figure, with opinion divided over whether he was a tyrant, or a hero. To my mind, Castro was no saint, and should not be worthy of excessive endearments nor affectionate… Continue reading Fidel Castro’s death and my message to conservatives



It might be in its most infant stages, but I have started recording podcast- styled YouTube videos. The content I will be putting up still has much to improve upon, however if any of you are interested in seeing me orally discuss the issues I write about, go to:

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Post war Europe and now: How Europe is repeating its mistakes of the past 

It’s a frequent claim espoused by the over educated academics and elites among us, that the current behaviours of Europeans and the policies of their political leadership, will lead the continent to repeat its past horrors of both World War 2 and the Holocaust. While I don’t see Europe as being destined for such a fate, there… Continue reading Post war Europe and now: How Europe is repeating its mistakes of the past 



Hello friends, visitors or otherwise. Today I am proud to announce that I am releasing my first eBook for purchase. The eBook is titled; Islamopologist Australia: How the Islamic establishment seeks to subvert integration and apologize for terrorism. As the title suggests, the piece outlines the deceitful, counterproductive nature of many mainstream Australian Muslim leaders. Moreover, the eBook closely… Continue reading Announcement

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Trump and the Hilarycons

“Trump and the Hilarycons”, Patrick J. Buchanan, September 5 2016: In 1964, Phyllis Schlafly of Alton, Illinois, mother of six, wrote and published a slim volume entitled “A Choice Not an Echo.” Backing the candidacy of Sen. Barry Goldwater, the book was a polemic against the stranglehold the eastern liberal establishment had held on the… Continue reading Trump and the Hilarycons