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An ‘America First’ Trump Trade Policy

A sound argument from Pat Buchanan defending a protectionist trade policy. Perhaps something similar could be pursued here also. “An ‘America First’ Trump Trade Policy”,, November 26, 2016: Donald Trump’s election triumph is among the more astonishing in history. Yet if he wishes to become the father of a new “America First” majority party,… Continue reading An ‘America First’ Trump Trade Policy

Free Trade/ Foreign Investment

Why I reject the idea of free trade

While the 21st century has largely seen a worldwide push towards economic globalisation, the recent emergence of alternative ideas bucked this trend. As among the populist American revolt led by Donald Trump, the Brexit uprising, Pauline Hanson’s recent electoral successes as well as the heightening popularity of both Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders, these figures all shared in common varying… Continue reading Why I reject the idea of free trade

Free Trade/ Foreign Investment

Foreign investment? Or Dollar Imperialism?

As foreign countries that are particularly hostile to Australia continue to seize control of key national assets, whether they be in electricity, fuel or transport, our capacity to act independently in times of crisis, is deeply hindered. Further, for a nation to carelessly sacrifice its basic tools of trade, as has recently occurred in Melbourne, will drive up the cost of… Continue reading Foreign investment? Or Dollar Imperialism?

Free Trade/ Foreign Investment

Scott Morrison deserves credit

In recent times, speculation had been mounting over the potential Chinese acquisition of the S. Kidman and Co portfolio. The private entity, which composed of ten stations; made up 1.3 % of Australia’s total landmass, and 2.5 % of its agricultural land, was keenly sought after by the Chinese conglomerate Shanghai Pengxin Group, as part of… Continue reading Scott Morrison deserves credit