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An Untenable Arrangement

There is an Asian who frequents my gym, who I have somewhat amicable relations with. Yesterday after half-jokingly deriding him for the role of Chinese food in the Coronavirus epidemic, came a revealing response. He dismissed my criticism, praising food recently enjoyed in Singapore during the *Chinese New Year* celebrations. From this person and most… Continue reading An Untenable Arrangement

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Where Deeper Loyalties Lie

Group patterns and statistics best justify policy that affect collective entities, such as the Australian people. For this reason, anecdotes have been largely absent from this blog. Yet a recent happening reflected broader truths that belie the national conversation about assimilation, and it thus seems purposeful to share. At a recent friends’ drinks, I caught… Continue reading Where Deeper Loyalties Lie

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Multiculturalism= Ethnocide

As explained by George Hutcheson, ‘multiculturalism’ in the sense that nations should be impartial to all peoples and cultures, is not possible. As at present, no land can ever be fully culturally neutral, and the prevalence of some cultural/ ethnic/ religious groups will always come at the expense of less significant groups. We can hypothesise about what this expense… Continue reading Multiculturalism= Ethnocide

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The cultural jihad and Britain’s dhimitude

We can talk about Islam ad nauseum, but for some, words aren’t enough. Criticism of Islam often draws denial, dismissal, and even mockery from cultural elites, as occurred in February when President Trump alluded to the Islamic- related problems engulfing Sweden. But while attacking the messenger is easier than attacking the problem itself, when the thuggery,… Continue reading The cultural jihad and Britain’s dhimitude

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Western Civilisation is more than ‘shared values’

There are some who speak of Western Civilisation as just being lands filled with the right ideas. These folk often assert migrants can move from anywhere, to the West, and will acquire our ‘shared values’ upon arrival. However, this platitude- centred dogma was largely delegitimised when then Republican candidate Donald Trump, began speaking of Americans… Continue reading Western Civilisation is more than ‘shared values’

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Why I support the concept of Calexit

While ‘Calexit’ (the campaign for California to secede from the United States) has been and mostly remains a far- fetched concept, considering recent events in US politics, we should be reluctant about ruling out the seemingly impossible. Obviously, given America’s history with civil war, the possible secession of any US state would be no trivial… Continue reading Why I support the concept of Calexit

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Is ethnonationalism the way forward?

While much of the past 30 years has been dedicated towards building colourless societies, these attempts have often failed. After Nelson Mandela proclaimed his country to be a ‘rainbow nation’, recent decades have seen increasing hostility between South Africa’s white and black populations. Additionally, the 2008 election of Barrack Obama was supposed to symbolize the… Continue reading Is ethnonationalism the way forward?


The Return of Ethnic Nationalism

Pat Buchanan, February 26, 2008: In Africa last week, President Bush deplored the genocide in Rwanda in the 1990s, defended his refusal to send U.S. troops to Darfur and decried the ethnic slaughter in Kenya. Following a fraudulent election, the Kikyu, the dominant tribe in Kenya, have been subjected to merciless assault. People are separating… Continue reading The Return of Ethnic Nationalism

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The role of nationalism

Throughout President Obama’s final swansong urging the world to keep sight of globalist policies, nationalist ideas have been heavily criticized. According to the President, nationalism is to blame for World War Two and virtually every other tragedy in human history. However, the circumstances under which nationalism has been a force for good, should not be overlooked.… Continue reading The role of nationalism