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Why women work

As an overture, it is proper to define the specific type of working woman this post is directed towards. To be clear, it is not directed at married women who provide supplementary income further to their main domestic duties; nor towards those women whose children have entered adulthood and left home. It is also not… Continue reading Why women work

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Why Society>Economics

Since Tucker Carlson’s January 3 monologue, an old clash has re-emerged between free market-oriented conservatives, and traditional conservatives who favour (where necessary), more government intervention in economic affairs. In essence, this intra-conservative dispute hinges on whether national interests should supersede economic dogma, when market forces harm the nation. The battle lines have thus been drawn:… Continue reading Why Society>Economics

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“Immigrants do jobs that Australians won’t”

The case that high immigration=better economic outcomes, is pushed by free market advocates who tell us globalism is destiny. But when real scrutiny is applied, this hypothesis quickly crumbles. The idea that “immigrants do jobs that Australian’s won’t,” is not only demeaning to our impoverished native born, but in a time where political alliances are… Continue reading “Immigrants do jobs that Australians won’t”

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Cory Bernardi slams wasteful foreign spending in the Senate

The Aussie Conservative Blog supports the tenacious, principled, consistently conservative political activism of Cory Bernardi, along with his Australian Conservatives party. And in his recent speech, Bernardi is more than correct: how can a nation continue to fund futile, globalist economic endeavours, while we are incapable of pulling our own finances into order? We hear… Continue reading Cory Bernardi slams wasteful foreign spending in the Senate

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Right- wing populism vs the minimum wage

While traditionally Right- wing arguments against the minimum wage are renowned, modern times have showed that for conservative parties to gain success amidst an increasingly Islamized, diversified West, they must court the support of native, blue collar populations. So how could this pivot be made in regards to the minimum wage, without entirely disregarding longĀ held… Continue reading Right- wing populism vs the minimum wage