How They Got the Vote

Amid the recent midterm election results, and a likely future in which the American nation will be unable to elect its own representatives; American Renaissance explains the expansion of franchise which has lead to this point. Alexander Keyssar, The Right to Vote: The Contested History of Democracy in the United States,┬áBasic Books, 2000, 467 pp.… Continue reading How They Got the Vote

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The Limits of Democracy

Isn’t it revealing that those who exhort warnings about “saving democracy,” are eager to remove President Trump from office, through less than democratic means? Against all odds: the pressures of Wall Street, Hollywood, the media, the political establishment and demographic trajectories; President Trump rose to power through the democratic system. Despite this authentically populist, grassroots… Continue reading The Limits of Democracy

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South Africa votes to take white owned land without compensation

Amid surging farm attacks and ‘Kill the Boer’ rhetoric, South Africa’s parliament recently took anti- white politics to the next level, in voting for a motion to take white owned land without compensation. Obvious takeaways include that South Africa will soon take the path of Zimbabwe: an African breadbasket turned downtrodden, aid- dependant abyss. And… Continue reading South Africa votes to take white owned land without compensation