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Taxpayers billed for Q&A activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied’s grand tour of Islamic regimes

Isn’t it curious how leftist, Islamopologist types naturally gravitate towards leeching off government resources, whilst conservatives generally raise incomes through the private sector? Might this have anything to do with the fact that conservatives maintain a firmer grip on reality and better understand the real world? Regardless, that taxpayers were billed for Yassmin Abdel-Magied tour… Continue reading Taxpayers billed for Q&A activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied’s grand tour of Islamic regimes

The gravy train

Sussan Ley resigns 

Amid ongoing speculation of Sussan Ley abusing politician entitlements, she resigned yesterday as Health Minister. And while Malcolm Turnbull has promised to take action, why should we trust the same political class which knowingly rorted the system for years, to suddenly change course? “Sussan Ley resigns as Malcolm Turnbull announces new watchdog to oversee MP… Continue reading Sussan Ley resigns 

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One Nation seeking the populist rage

Much of what aided the popularity of Donald Trump and other comparable movements, was their rebellious anti- establishment and anti- government themes. This concoction which has proved effective on numerous occasions, is now being employed by One Nation in targeting the excesses of pensions for politicians. And rightly so. Politicians already earn a salary far and above average Australians, so it is unjust for… Continue reading One Nation seeking the populist rage

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The rort continues 

Today, The Age reported that on top of Joe Hockey’s substantial pay as US ambassador, he has charged tax- payers $2500 for babysitting costs, among other extraordinary benefits. Surely now, the time has come for all interested in politics, regardless of where they be in the political spectrum, to unite against this shameful rort. And the longer… Continue reading The rort continues 

The gravy train

High Court ruling on government entitlements

This should help slow the gravy train somewhat. “Former MPs lose High Court travel flight”, Sky News, October 12 2016: Four former federal politicians have lost a High Court challenge over their reduced post-parliamentary perks. Howard government defence minister John Moore, Hawke government minister Barry Cohen, and Labor MPs Barry Cunningham and Anthony Lamb employed the… Continue reading High Court ruling on government entitlements

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The real bludgers

Time and time again, the Liberal party lectures Australians of the need for ‘smaller government’ and ‘reduced debt’. But how is it that our leaders claim to be concerned about fiscal discipline, and yet without hesitation, continue to enjoy the excessive perks of political life? Surely now, it’s time to call our politicians that enjoy extravagant entitlements for what… Continue reading The real bludgers