Iranian refugees retain protection visas despite holidaying in homeland

While the fake refugees are being allowed to stay in Australia, the self- appointed protector of refugees; the Greens, are refusing to condemn these latest developments. So much for their party standing for their vulnerable and disenfranchised of this world. Instead, these shameless hypocrites give first aid to que- skipping, economic migrants, while genuine refugees are left languishing… Continue reading Iranian refugees retain protection visas despite holidaying in homeland

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The truth isn’t always pretty

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has again said something right about Australian refugee policy, and once more this has upset the cultural elite. Speaking on Sky News to Andrew Bolt, Peter Dutton linked refugee policies taken in the 1970’s, to the problems Australia is currently experiencing with foreign fighters. “The reality is Malcolm Fraser did make mistakes in bringing… Continue reading The truth isn’t always pretty

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The staunch defence of our borders

The Australian government recently announced it will seek to alter the Immigration Act, to ensure that those coming to Australia by boat, will never gain citizenship and/ or entry of any kind. Moreover, should these legislative changes take hold, all boat people deemed legitimate refugees will be resettled elsewhere. Malcolm Turnbull reflected these ambitions on Sunday when… Continue reading The staunch defence of our borders

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Refugees to move into an aged care facility?

A community in Melbourne’s northeast is reportedly ‘divided’ over plans to host Syrian refugees in an aged care facility. And who can blame these people that are ‘divided’ over such plans, which would at best seek to provide accommodation and assistance to refugees at the cost of lesser care for elderly Australians? We’ve all heard about the horrors of the Syrian… Continue reading Refugees to move into an aged care facility?

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Refugees or not?

Some reports are emerging from Germany which state that some asylum seekers to the country, have returned to their countries of origins for ‘vacation’. If so, this would be an extraordinary revelation in the ongoing crisis and would be an enormous indictment on the legitimacy of Germany’s monstrous humanitarian intake. Taking in 1.4 million migrants from… Continue reading Refugees or not?

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More jihadist attacks in Germany

With the mourning in Munich barely underway, Germany has already experienced 2 jihad attacks. First, a Syrian migrant proceeded to stab a pregnant woman to death in Reutlingen, and then another Syrian migrant performed a suicide attack, killing  1 and injuring 11 at a German wine bar. With each lone wolf attack seeming to inspire the next one, there seems no… Continue reading More jihadist attacks in Germany


Some timely refugee logic

Immigration minister Peter Dutton, has recently come under fire for his remarks regarding refugees, after he stated that any increase in humanitarian intake would lead to further ‘illiterate and innumerate’ people residing Australia. Dutton also suggested that refugees would likely ‘languish in unemployment queues and on Medicare’. Predictably, Dutton has been assailed by the left, with opposition leader Bill Shorten condemning the… Continue reading Some timely refugee logic


More multicultural madness Asylum seekers who go on hunger strikes, use Australian tax payers money to pay for their medical recovery. It is a scandal that such activity is even allowed to occur. I would give these people an ultimatum; either eat food within 2 hours and act as if they had some sort of brain attached,… Continue reading More multicultural madness