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The gay marriage plebiscite

Yesterday Malcolm Turnbull introduced legislation for the proposed same- sex marriage plebiscite. This legislative instigation marked a year since the Liberal government announced its policy of conferring the question of gay marriage to a public vote (plebiscite). Both 1 year ago and currently, the plebiscite appears to be the best possible outcome in considering both the proponents… Continue reading The gay marriage plebiscite

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Dhimitude from an Australian Prime Minister?

Malcolm Turnbull’s grovelling Itfar dinner held in Kirribilli House last week, has taken its latest turn for the worse. In extraordinary revelations, dailymail has reported that caterers of this dinner brought in ‘special crockery’ to accommodate for devout Muslim guests, who refused to eat from plates previously used by non- Muslims. Given at the dinner, and in the days since,… Continue reading Dhimitude from an Australian Prime Minister?

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Malcolm Turnbull and his leadership credentials

Hardly in the existence of this blog, have I spent much time praising Malcolm Turnbull. For any supporters of the Australian Liberal party, the past 9 months have been difficult times, particularly for those on the Conservative side. But an election is approaching, and the time had come; to decide between Bill Shorten and his union hacks,… Continue reading Malcolm Turnbull and his leadership credentials

Islam in Australia · Malcolm Turnbull

Turnbull appeasing

Australia’s continual darling of the media, Malcolm Turnbull, after taking ‘selfies’ at Sydney’s Mardi Gras parade, has visited the Islamic council of Victoria. Turnbull stated that Muslims are a ‘valued and respected part of the Australian family’, while singing his praises for a group that in truth has done comparatively little for this country. British, Irish,… Continue reading Turnbull appeasing

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Turnbull trouble 

5 months of waffle, vague discussions, distractions, and an endless list of hypothetical proposals, may be unravelling for the Prime Minister and his government.  Despite treasurer Scott Morrison promising upon his ascension into office to create a ‘tax system for the 21st century’, Morrison has recently retracted away from this misleading and superfluous claim, concluding;… Continue reading Turnbull trouble 

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In faction fighting in the Liberal party

In honesty, as time goes on, my hatred for Malcolm Turnbull grows. I detest the fact that a person who is devoid of all conservative values, has become leader of what is supposed to be a Conservative party. In faction fighting is a logical outcome in response to Turnbull becoming the leader of the Liberal… Continue reading In faction fighting in the Liberal party

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A woeful response: Clearly Muslims are more important than Christians

Today, Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, gave his national security speech. As usual, it was filled with waffling and fanciful rhetoric, with limited actual substance in his address. One thing that Turnbull did say, in effect, is that the threat posed by the Islamic State was largely an exaggerated one. The Prime Minister stated; “We should grieve… Continue reading A woeful response: Clearly Muslims are more important than Christians

Islam in Australia · Malcolm Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull: Parramatta Shooting

Malcolm Turnbull’s recent response toward the recent terror attack in Parramatta left many Australians, including myself, deeply ashamed. My fondness of Turnbull after his overthrow of Abbott was never great, however his recent actions indicate a great inadequacy. At a time when the Islamist terror threat has never been greater, Turnbull demonstrated leadership that was not… Continue reading Malcolm Turnbull: Parramatta Shooting