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My Lessons From Berlin

Four years have passed since I travelled to Europe; the length of a presidential term in which much can change. Indeed, much has changed in my own political views–along with many on the dissident right. Let us take a brief trip down memory lane, into the political environment of December 2015. Tony Abbott had been… Continue reading My Lessons From Berlin

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Malcolm Turnbull’s submission to China

Last year, I highlighted the problem of infinitely expanding trade with China. And suggested that in a trade deal where Australia is flooded with cheap, disposable products, while China gets jobs and wealth, China comes out as the clear winner. Likewise, it appeared that when push came to shove, China would exercise a stranglehold over… Continue reading Malcolm Turnbull’s submission to China

Malcolm Turnbull

Bishop to cut trip short amid Libs drama

Julie Bishop cutting short a long planned trip to the Philippines, seems to suggest something dramatic is mounting within the Liberal Party. For as Malcolm Turnbull appears unable to control his backbenchers over the proposed gay marriage plebiscite, it therefore seems the Prime Minister has lost control over the Liberal partyroom. While a potential challenge… Continue reading Bishop to cut trip short amid Libs drama

Malcolm Turnbull · Refugees

The staunch defence of our borders

The Australian government recently announced it will seek to alter the Immigration Act, to ensure that those coming to Australia by boat, will never gain citizenship and/ or entry of any kind. Moreover, should these legislative changes take hold, all boat people deemed legitimate refugees will be resettled elsewhere. Malcolm Turnbull reflected these ambitions on Sunday when… Continue reading The staunch defence of our borders

Islam in Australia · Malcolm Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull: Parramatta Shooting

Malcolm Turnbull’s recent response toward the recent terror attack in Parramatta left many Australians, including myself, deeply ashamed. My fondness of Turnbull after his overthrow of Abbott was never great, however his recent actions indicate a great inadequacy. At a time when the Islamist terror threat has never been greater, Turnbull demonstrated leadership that was not… Continue reading Malcolm Turnbull: Parramatta Shooting