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The Truth of ‘Indigenous Peoples Day’

In light of Columbus Day agitators and relevantly for our struggle, the attacks that will soon re-commence against Australia Day, the following is useful. Notably, we ought remember that for every barbarism accused of Europeans, same can be levelled back ten-fold at North American and Australian natives. ‘Columbus Day Special: Indigenous Peoples Day,’ Counter Currents,… Continue reading The Truth of ‘Indigenous Peoples Day’

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Do British Australians Have a Claim to This Land?

At black armband, pro Aboriginal protests, one can often hear the chant; “Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land!” Meanwhile, others accuse British settlers of stealing Aboriginal land and resources, and Australia Day has been described by the leader of our third largest political party, as representing ‘genocide.’ When a country’s underpinnings are attacked in… Continue reading Do British Australians Have a Claim to This Land?

Aboriginals · Australia Day Wars

What Happen if we Change Australia Day?

Prediction: If the far- Left succeeds in canning Australia Day by establishing the very day European Australians arrived on this continent is offensive and racist, 1 of 2 things will happen. Australia Day may be moved to May 8 or some other trivial date, and rather than celebrations, the day will resemble an apology day… Continue reading What Happen if we Change Australia Day?

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Bill Shorten Shy On Oz Day Support

A political opportunist to his core, Bill Shorten clearly understands the political reality of changing Australia Day. For now, Australians largely support keeping the date, and Shorten has responded accordingly. But there is enough reluctance in his recent comments, combined with a bizarre critique of Malcolm Turnbull, to conclude Shorten and Labor will support changing… Continue reading Bill Shorten Shy On Oz Day Support