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The ABC’s Trump Derangement Syndrome unveiled

In recent times, the ABC has descended into an intolerant, anti- Australian, biased organisation devoted to spreading Leftist views, despite legislation and a civic duty requiring otherwise. Because of these harmful trends, the ABC’s funding of $1 000 000 000 per annum ought to be eliminated, to inflict irreversible institutional damage extending beyond the current… Continue reading The ABC’s Trump Derangement Syndrome unveiled

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The ABC vs ‘No’ voter deplorables

With unyielding disdain for Australia’s deplorables, the ABC has alleged ‘cognitive ability shapes attitudes on equal rights for same- sex couples.’ Translation: If you believe in traditional marriage, you are likely less intelligent than the savvy ‘Yes’ crowd. Conversely, it should be noted the Coalition for Marriage campaign does not utilize simple, elementary arguments appealing… Continue reading The ABC vs ‘No’ voter deplorables