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The Masters of Hegemony

By now, it is well known that the left has been winning and the right losing–for a long time. Some say this losing streak began in the 1960’s, others blame World War Two, World War One, or even the French Revolution; nevertheless, this probe is unimportant for our purposes. What is acutely important, instead, is… Continue reading The Masters of Hegemony

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What Drives Leftist Belief

We hear much about Scott Morrison’s ‘quiet Australians’, a description with some basis. There are many hard-working, decent people naturally directed to conservative ideas in the face of an ever-domineering, hubristic Left. Equally, it is inaccurate to conclude that conservatives are among the ascendant. Many Australians, particularly those in elite institutions, are resolutely Left wing.… Continue reading What Drives Leftist Belief

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The True White Privilege

I recently attended a talk by Justice Thackray, a former Chief Judge of the Family Court of Western Australia. During which, Justice Thackray described his 2018-19 efforts, in delivering family law access to Aboriginals of the East Pilbara. Fulfilling the maligned ‘Boomer’ ethos, Justice Thackray vaunted his time spent aiding Aboriginal people for a license:… Continue reading The True White Privilege

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Those Praiseworthy Deeds

I love Australian Rules Football–both as an amateur player and West Coast supporter. While this passion rarely crosses into blogging territory, something relevant occurred on Monday–AFL Brownlow night–which is symptomatic of broader metapolitical dynamics. So on Monday, GWS midfielder Stephen Coniglio was awarded the Jim Stynes Community Leadership award. As explained by AFL chief Gillon… Continue reading Those Praiseworthy Deeds

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Climate Change: An Anti-White Guise of the Oligarchs

Bernie Sanders recently declared that as US President he would promote overseas population control, through abortion and contraception, to combat ‘climate change’. Needless to say, his comments yielded some crucial takeaways. Some have been expressed in short on Right-wing Twitter; others will be elucidated here. Large segments of the modern Left believe ‘climate change’ threatens… Continue reading Climate Change: An Anti-White Guise of the Oligarchs

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The Political Utility of ‘Nazi’

Personally, I don’t subscribe to National Socialism. Among other reasons, unrestrained racial idolatry rings hollow; intractable limitations accompany a temporal view of our existence; a repackaged 20th century ideology cannot fulfil 21st century demands; authoritarianism would insufficiently counter Marxist institutional control; identity should be authentic–not escapist. And even if all those aforementioned problems were absent,… Continue reading The Political Utility of ‘Nazi’

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Why the White Left is Finished

Among other perks, WordPress usefully divides posts by category and archive–so they can be later readily accessed. Because of this, and amidst the 2020 Democratic Primaries–a historic, landmark event in intersectionality politics thus far–it appears worth revisiting Richard Spencer’s apt Twitter thread, responding to the Ralph Northam year-book scandal. In anticipation of anti-white invectives hurled… Continue reading Why the White Left is Finished

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The Immediate Implications of Kamala Harris’ Candidacy

In a party that is defined as representing the Coalition of the Ascendant–blacks, latinos, Jews, women, homosexuals, Muslims and transgenders–running a candidate of Kamala Harris’ intersectional ilk for the 2020 Presidential election, appears imminent. But given the Democratic National Convention remains years away, using extensive quantitative and qualitative means to predict which Democrat will be… Continue reading The Immediate Implications of Kamala Harris’ Candidacy

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It’s Not OK to be White

Following up on recent twitter activities, my final reflections on the fracas over Pauline Hanson’s failed “It’s OK to be White” motion, are as follows. While more powerful in institutional, political, cultural and economic measures; the Left is as ill-conceived as ever. Painfully lacking in self-reflection, Leftist Australian media screeching over “It’s OK to be… Continue reading It’s Not OK to be White

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What ‘Diversity’ Really Means

As many are coming to understand, ‘diversity’ simply means less white people, as a recent New York Times piece laid bare. No-ones squeals for more ‘diversity’ when it comes to homogenous non-white communities or countries. It is only when a preponderance of European descended people exist, that ‘diversity’ is sought after. Consider these hypothetical headlines;… Continue reading What ‘Diversity’ Really Means

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When the World Cup is Used To Deny French People

France’s successful 2018 World Cup campaign, provided ample opportunity for Leftist propaganda. But one piece from the Washington Post particularly stood out for its dishonest, duplicitous nature, that I will respond to. In it, the author (Karen Attiah) makes 2 contradictory claims which expose the mainstream media’s true intentions when promoting this ‘French’ success. First,… Continue reading When the World Cup is Used To Deny French People

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The Basis of Group Pride

Opponents of identity politics claim that individuals can only take pride in their achievements, and not the work of others. But this omits that nothing, including individuals, exist in a vaccum. Further, people can enjoy gifts, regardless of if they’ve earned them. In many ways, our ancestral background is a gift, as civilisation is a… Continue reading The Basis of Group Pride

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The Housewives of White Supremacy

Racism, prejudice and bigotry are all overused labels, that have had their meaning progressively diminished. However, those that wholeheartedly despise different groups on racial, ethnic, religious or cultural grounds still exist: but not in the places the media would have us believe. For there is no more explicit, plain instance of intolerance than wishing a… Continue reading The Housewives of White Supremacy

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No Party For Old White Men

By Patrick J. Buchanan, June 28, 2018: For Nancy Pelosi, 78, Steny Hoyer, 79, and Joe Biden, 75, the primary results from New York’s 14th congressional district are a fire bell in the night. All may be swept away in the coming revolution. That is the message of the crushing defeat of 10-term incumbent Joe… Continue reading No Party For Old White Men