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Why We Should Move Beyond ‘Racism’

According to Oxford Dictionary, racism is “Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.” Racism may additionally be viewed as: “The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish… Continue reading Why We Should Move Beyond ‘Racism’

Feminism/ Male rights

The Untenable Demands Placed Upon Men

Among thousands concluded since the 19th century’s close, last week was perhaps feminism’s most destructive one yet. In the midst of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation process, hysterical feminists have commanded males accept 2 new purported gospel truths. First, if a man at any point in his history, whether a teenager or otherwise; has groped women inappropriately women… Continue reading The Untenable Demands Placed Upon Men

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The Unpardonable Heresy of Tucker Carlson

By Patrick J. Buchanan, September 13, 2018: Our diversity is our greatest strength. After playing clips of Democratic politicians reciting that truth of modern liberalism, Tucker Carlson asked, “How, precisely, is diversity our strength? Since you’ve made this our new national motto, please be specific.” Reaction to Carlson’s question, with some declaring him a racist… Continue reading The Unpardonable Heresy of Tucker Carlson

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The Limits of Democracy

Isn’t it revealing that those who exhort warnings about “saving democracy,” are eager to remove President Trump from office, through less than democratic means? Against all odds: the pressures of Wall Street, Hollywood, the media, the political establishment and demographic trajectories; President Trump rose to power through the democratic system. Despite this authentically populist, grassroots… Continue reading The Limits of Democracy

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Mehreen Faruqi’s Dishonest Attack on Australian Nationalism

Two weeks ago, Mehreen Faruqi delivered her maiden speech in the Australian Senate. Determined to showcase her intersectionality, Faruqi made the standard anti-white claim about Australian history. She described Australia as a ‘stolen land’, acknowledged the importance of ‘first Australians’, and in doing so undermined the degree to which any Australian nationalism can morally exist.… Continue reading Mehreen Faruqi’s Dishonest Attack on Australian Nationalism

Australian Politics · The Necessary Political Instinct

Why I support Peter Dutton

Given the impending doom mounting over Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership and the damaging, potentially fatal result of yesterday’s leadership ballot, Peter Dutton may be our next Prime Minister. As such, I’d like to explain why I support Dutton’s bid for Australia’s top job, and what makes him different from other senior liberals. Dutton has sensibly argued… Continue reading Why I support Peter Dutton

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The Saudi-Canada Clash: A Values War

By Patrick J. Buchanan, August 10, 2018: Is it any of Canada’s business whether Saudi women have the right to drive? Well, Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland just made it her business. Repeatedly denouncing Riyadh’s arrest of women’s rights advocate Samar Badawi, Freeland has driven the two countries close to a break in diplomatic relations. “Reprehensible”… Continue reading The Saudi-Canada Clash: A Values War

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Some Questions for the Multiculturalist Establishment

Yesterday Fraser Anning delivered his maiden Senate speech, which has since been condemned across the political spectrum. Anning expressed support for the past White Australia policy, and as critics deliberately misconstrued his proposed ‘final solution’ for immigration, the speech was equated with Nazism. Never mind that those who actually fought against Nazism, virtually all agreed… Continue reading Some Questions for the Multiculturalist Establishment

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Why Liberal Values Alone Cannot Defeat Islam

Nearly 3 years ago, this site was founded as a stridently anti-Islamic blog. My first post was written about Geert Wilders’ 2015 visit to Australia, and the crude reception he received. Since those days, I’ve shifted some focus away from Islam, primarily towards issues of immigration and identity. To be clear, my core opposition to… Continue reading Why Liberal Values Alone Cannot Defeat Islam

The Leftist war on Western traditions

Is Guilt Killing the West from Within?

One year on from the landmark Charlottesville rally, one must revisit a vital question: can the West believe in its history, identity and future once again? For if the West’s altruistic treatment of tribalist outsiders continues to be accompanied with a pernicious, unceasing shame, this shall be our ultimate death knell. Gatestone Institute, by Guilio… Continue reading Is Guilt Killing the West from Within?

Anti- White sentiment

What ‘Diversity’ Really Means

As many are coming to understand, ‘diversity’ simply means less white people, as a recent New York Times piece laid bare. No-ones squeals for more ‘diversity’ when it comes to homogenous non-white communities or countries. It is only when a preponderance of European descended people exist, that ‘diversity’ is sought after. Consider these hypothetical headlines;… Continue reading What ‘Diversity’ Really Means

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Jared Taylor Explains Race Realism

In a video on racial differences in intelligence, Jared Taylor explains the field and dismisses critics in a coherent, concise manner. Key points worthy of summary include; The Importance of Accepting Race Realism: Taylor describes why we must acknowledge racial differences in intelligence, to those who question the morality of discussing the subject. This discussion… Continue reading Jared Taylor Explains Race Realism

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Did Tariffs Make America Great?

By Patrick J. Buchanan, July 27, 2018: “Make America Great Again!” will, given the astonishing victory it produced for Donald Trump, be recorded among the most successful slogans in political history. Yet it raises a question: How did America first become the world’s greatest economic power? In 1998, in “The Great Betrayal: How American Sovereignty… Continue reading Did Tariffs Make America Great?

Nationalist/ Tribalist themes

In Defense of Prejudice

Greg Johnson wrote a fantastic piece in 2015 on why group judgements are necessary in certain circumstances. In addition to his analysis, I would note the collective rights of peoples far prevail over the rights of foreign individuals. As such, generalisations over group traits should be made and acted upon. Counter Currents, by Greg Johnson,… Continue reading In Defense of Prejudice