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Why the presidential election matters

Amid the extraordinary week that has been, the history books have not yet been written as to which way this presidential election will go, a precarious situation which may persist for months to come.

Not all is uncertain, though, it being clear (and perhaps trite) to say the outcome from this presidential election matters. The outcome will have enormous implications for American politics, the viability of nationalism, international relations and the continued legitimacy of democratic norms.

Yet the presidential election is of unprecedented importance, both in America and worldwide, for the following reason. This election is the starkest referendum to date on the truth, as well as the extent to which the global menaces of Big Tech and Big Media are able to overbear it.

At 2 am of election night, President Trump had legitimately won the 2020 presidential election, amassing insurmountable leads in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia. The efforts since to purportedly “count all the votes” comprise no less than a coup, an insidious attempt to override the will of American voters. (Explaining how the left is trying to steal the election is not something this post will delve into; good explanations for it can be found here and here.)

Further to this and despite an abundance of voter fraud arising in crucial swing states, according to Big Media, President Trump’s criticism of these matters has been “baseless.” At time of writing, even a Google search of ‘baseless’ delivers up to a user images of President Trump, accompanied by denunciations of his voter fraud claims. For speaking the truth about this election, President Trump is being censored by Twitter and Facebook, whilst his press conferences are concealed by major media networks.

What the matters subject of the preceding paragraph amount to, is an effort by Big Tech and Big Media to disguise, distort and ultimately usurp the truth about this election. In seeking this, Big Tech and Big Media are trying to appoint themselves as masters of reality.

If Big Tech and Big Media can actualise this overt coup by gaslighting the American public into accepting a President Biden, they will have achieved complete control over our understanding of epoch-making events.

From this point forward and perhaps until the end of the world, there will be no truth so axiomatic that cannot be overborne by the will of Big Tech and Big Media. Of which, are all controlled by the same people and so can act as one. After their unparalleled influence in shaping 2020 and the ensuing precedent, our perception of events would become entirely dependent on these monoliths that control the distribution of information.

That is, if Big Tech and Big Media are successful in facilitating the most contrived and bogus of victories for Joe Biden.

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