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The Truth About Leftist Identity Politics

It came as little surprise last Wednesday, when Kamala Harris was named as Joe Biden’s vice president pick.

This was a patently token selection: Harris being a black women; her lacking the requisite political or real-life experience to be prepared for vice-presidential (and quite potentially) presidential duties.

That the left is intent on promoting members of allegedly victimised classes over those with merit, by now, is clear and trite to emphasise. What is more interesting to evaluate, is the background of Kamala Harris and its connection (or lack thereof) to her politics of racial grievance.

Harris was born in Oakland, California in 1964, the product of recent immigrants: an Indian mother and a Jamaican father. In this respect, Harris holds a distinct history to many American blacks. She was never personally subject to Jim Crow laws; or had any ancestors that were; or had any ancestors even geographically residing in the United States while they were still applied.

In plain terms, when it comes to what could be objectively seen as constituting American racism, neither Harris nor her ancestors were the victims of anything. To the contrary, as witnessed by the fact of American and Indian living standards, Harris has amply benefited from being born into the United States.

Yet as is often the case with non-white beneficiaries of Western altruism, Harris has offered little to nothing in the way of reciprocation. In fact, she has a racial vendetta against white America, expressed in her presidential campaign kickoff speech from January 2019:

Let’s speak the truth that too many unarmed black men and women are killed in America. Too many black and brown Americans are locked up.

Additionally, Harris has spoken of the need for reparations, and has called American history “the scene of a crime.”

In her own life, Harris has only ever profited from white America; but as demonstrated above, she is animated by feelings of racial vengeance. The only way to make sense of this apparent contradiction, is to conclude that leftist identity politics comprises a power grab, having nothing to do with resolving actual instances of oppression or persecution. It is a power grab aimed at increasing the political, cultural and economic agency of non-white Americans–at the necessary expense of white Americans.

Wrote Patrick Buchanan in The Death of the West,

It is in the nature of nations and religions, that they rule or are ruled.

When considering this principle, there is nothing new about the tribalism of Kamala Harris; it is straightforward to envision where things are headed next. As Harris and her type garner power–crude, unyielding forms of racial discrimination will develop against white Americans, in particular for Trump supporters and Christians.

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