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They Don’t Care About Lives

Much has transpired since my last post concerning the coronavirus all the way back in March.

Some things about coronavirus remain the same: it came from a Chinese lab and presented a wonderful occasion for nationalist change.

Yet with the passage of time, responses to this pandemic have only served to benefit the globalist left. Shutdowns have transferred enormous wealth from workers to the billionaire class; Bill Gates is set to vaccinate 80 % of the world’s population. It can be said, when comparing disproportionate shutdown measures to the actual health challenge posed, that continued fears of coronavirus are largely a hoax.

That clarification aside, whenever questions are asked as to the legitimacy of governmental responses, the ABC, mainstream media, Google as well as Gates family step in to reassure us of the disease and its gravity. They mainly do this, by reaffirming our solemn responsibility to save people from coronavirus; hence the ubiquitous slogan “Stay at home. Save lives.”

On a proper review, however, these left-wing mouthpieces for coronavirus hysteria should not be believed, as they have no true concern for human life.

Consider: the glaring gulf with regards to which deaths are given media attention. For instance, Sunday the ABC raised concern over the 201 Australian coronavirus fatalities so far recorded. In comparison to the 75 000 innocent Australian unborn who are slaughtered each year, ultimately, these 201 coronavirus fatalities (however saddening) are but a drop in the sea. Needless to say, coronavirus fearmongers have no discernible qualms over the far larger death toll wrought by abortion–despite a purported care for ‘lives’.

Additionally, wherever the policies of social liberalism find their implementation, below replacement birth rates prevail. In very simple terms, the triumph of progressive values in Europe, America and Australia has caused populations to age, shrink and die. Progressivism, explained Patrick Buchanan in The Death of the West, has caused Western countries to have “more burials than births, more coffins than cradles.”

One cannot coherently view human life to be sacrosanct, if at the same time, one advocates for policies that systematically reduce the total number of humans. So too can be said for the left, in its statistically destructive veneration of female empowerment and birth control.

With action on coronavirus *not* being about ‘lives’ as commonly claimed, necessarily, a larger and concealed agenda is at hand.

3 thoughts on “They Don’t Care About Lives

  1. “the ABC raised concern over the 201 Australian coronavirus fatalities so far recorded.”

    And we don’t know what proportion of those deaths were genuinely FROM coronavirus, rather than just WITH it; often coronavirus can just tip an already sick person – like a cancer patient -, or an already very frail old person, over the edge.

    1. Well that is another highly suspicious aspect of the coronavirus. There are major questions over whether the 201 fatalities constitute a legitimate figure.

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